Scientific Study + Anecdotal Evidence = Media STILL Biased Against Guess Who?

In the wake of the Tragedy in Las Vegas, the Left is Working Overtime to Ban our Guns and Strip Us of our Rights. Don’t Let Them Do It. Find Out How You Can Fight Back by Clicking Here.

I think conservatives got used to something that we shouldn’t be allowing to take place in the media.

I think we all got used to the idea that media bias was inherent to our current culture and it was just something that we had to “deal with.”

We watched as during the 2016 presidential campaign the media fawned all over Hillary Clinton (even as she was being investigated by the FBI), while they poured nothing but negative attention all over President Trump.

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We just accepted the fact that the media is biased and determined to go about our merry business while trying to ignore the harpies on the broadcast television stations.

Sadly, it seems that this response simply emboldened the biased statist-media machine to be even more blatant in their hypocrisy.

In fact, according to a new scientific study from the Pew Research Center President Trump has faced HISTORICALLY biased media coverage. The kind of one-sided attention that no President has ever faced before, ever.

The Pew Research Center conducted the study on media coverage of the Trump presidency and showed in a content analysis that 62 percent of the coverage was negative, while only five percent was positive, NBC News reports.

Trump’s predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama, was treated very differently by the media in the early stages of his presidency, according to the study. In early 2009, 42 percent of Obama’s coverage was positive and only 20 percent was negative.

Former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton both received more negative than positive coverage early in their administrations, but not to the same degree as Trump. Twenty-eight percent of Bush’s coverage was negative in 2001 and 22 percent was positive, while 28 percent of Clinton’s coverage was negative in 1993 and 27 percent was positive.

Only 5% of the coverage has been positive? Compared to 42% positive for Barack Obama? And the left dares to pretend that there is no media bias?

Even worse, the bias has begun to seep more visibly into other areas of our media life.

In the wake of the Tragedy in Las Vegas, the Left is Working Overtime to Ban our Guns and Strip Us of our Rights. Don’t Let Them Do It. Find Out How You Can Fight Back by Clicking Here.

Hollywood is becoming ever-more heavy-handed with the leftwing preachiness of their films, a greater number of musicians are using their stage to spout leftwing nonsense, today’s nightly TV show lineup is filled with leftwing garbage while shows for conservatives are nonexistent (Yes, we all miss Last Man Standing), and the late night shows have become dens of leftist insanity.

For example, consider Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC. He was once considered reliably less political than fellow late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, and Seth Meyers. Sadly, in recent weeks he spent his time using his show to demagogue Republican efforts to reform our collapsing healthcare system. Then, immediately in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting he decided to blame Republican politicians and the NRA for the deaths in Vegas. Except, when he blames these groups for stopping Democrat gun control ideas it means that he’s actually blaming the American people – because we stand against Democrat gun control measures. (Not that any of these measures would have stopped Stephen Paddock’s rampage anyway.)

Watch as Kimmel harangues Republicans for supporting the 2nd Amendment.

The reality is that no amount of gun control can stop things like this from happening.

In 2011 Anders Breivik murdered 77 people in gun-control haven Norway. How did he do it? The gun control laws in Norway are draconian, and yet he was still able to use a rifle to murder 77 unarmed innocents. Examples like this play out all over the world every day, and yes, they do happen more often in the United States, but gun control wouldn’t stop these events from happening.

The “problem” we face is freedom. America suffers from these attacks more than other nations because we embrace liberty. One of the survivors of the Las Vegas attack, Rusty Dees explained as much to the BBC.

From MarketWatch:

Two survivors of the shooting — Caren Mansholt and Rusty Dees — maintained their support for the Second Amendment, saying on BBC Radio 4’s Today program that there was no way to prevent the attack.

“It’s a tragic cost of freedom, that people can do bad things,” Dees said, according to a New York Daily News report. “If you can find a gun law that would prevent this from happening, I could sign up today, but I am proud of our country’s Second Amendment rights and I’m glad we are allowed to defend ourselves.”

“The biggest problem for me and for many was that we didn’t hear anybody returning fire. I’m very concerned that we had no one outside to protect us,” Dees added.

What leftists like Kimmel want is a less free America, and the only way to get there is by creating more laws stripping law-abiding citizens of our rights.

We can’t let this happen.

Instead of ignoring the blatant media bias, it’s time that conservatives got involved and began fighting back against the corrupt media’s attempts to undermine our freedom. Don’t ignore their attacks any longer, instead let’s all start contacting their studio heads and their advertisers. If millions of American conservatives stand up at once and demand a change, by threatening to cut them off from all of our hard-earned money… they will change their tune.

But we have to make them.

We have to be the ones who force the change.

For the good of our country, for the good of our children, for the good of the world.

Not a single penny more to any company, brand, studio, network, or entertainer who stands against our liberty and fight to strip us of our rights.


In the wake of the Tragedy in Las Vegas, the Left is Working Overtime to Ban our Guns and Strip Us of our Rights. Don’t Let Them Do It. Find Out How You Can Fight Back by Clicking Here.

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