School Violates 1st Amendment Rights of Right to Life Club

There is one thing that has become perfectly clear in the past few years and that is the fact that liberals cannot stand to hear or face the truth when it goes against their liberal agenda. The presidential campaign this year is proof.

Every time Donald Trump spoke the truth about what’s wrong with America and what was needed to fix the country, liberal Democrats and the media went on a warpath. When Trump said that immigration was a problem and we needed to take action to stop illegal immigration, the liberals cried and attacked him with everything they had. When Trump said that we are opening ourselves up to terrorist attacks by allowing thousands of Muslim refugees into the country, the liberals went wild. When Trump said that America needs to support oil and coal, the liberals screamed and hollered. When Trump said that to spur the economy that we need to cut taxes and help small businesses and the common working family, the liberals wailed in agony. When Trump said that Hillary Clinton belonged in jail, the liberals were ready to lock him up instead. When Trump won the election, the same liberals refused to accept the truth and took to the streets in protest.

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Many liberal educators react the same way to the truth. When my husband was attending a secular college and challenged evolution, he was threatened with failure and being kicked out of class by some of his professors. When he questioned some of the tenets of evolution that defy all laws of science, liberal educators attacked his character when they couldn’t defend their position.

When I worked for a creation ministry, I heard of many instances where teachers and professors verbally attacked Christian students, especially those who don’t believe in evolution. I know of one instance where a student earned a PhD in geology at a well-known secular university because of his outstanding scientific work. After he received his doctorate and school officials learned that he was a young-earth creationist, they attacked his character and tried to revoke his degree, but that was unsuccessful.

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The same thing is happening at Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana. Members of the schools Teens for Life club spent over 25 hours painting a poster about how many abortions take place every day. They painted 300 hearts with each heart representing 10 lives. Then they painted the statement ‘3,000 Lives Are Ended Each Day.” Once the poster was done, the club members placed it on display.

Per the report, one student complained to school officials that they thought the poster was offensive. School administrators reacted by taking the poster down and trashing it. Then school officials forced the members of the Teens for Life club to secretly sign an agreement to limit any future displays. Supposedly, any sign displayed at the school cannot ‘interfere with what folks are thinking or feeling comfortable with.’

The Liberty Counsel was contacted and immediately sent a letter to school administrators in which they spelled out the charge of school administrators violating the constitutional rights of the pro-life students. In their letter, the Liberty Counsel pointed out that other groups and clubs on the same campus such as LGBT clubs have never faced the same type of discrimination concerning any of their displays.

Mat Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel, said that what happened at Carmel High School was outrageous. He went on to say:

“By allowing other student clubs to post their viewpoints throughout the school while banning a poster from Carmel Teens for Life, the school has engaged in unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination. Schools also may not censor pro-life viewpoints. The actions of the school officials are outrageous. Not only did they censor protected speech, they threatened students with retaliation if they sought legal counsel.”

“We will hold this school and these officials accountable.”

Until conservative and honest Americans begin standing up for their constitutional rights, liberals, like those at Carmel High School, will continue to trample and deprive us of those guaranteed and protected rights. It’s time we take America back from the liberals who have been destroying our rights and our nation!

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