School Swaps Confederate Soldier Mascot for BIZARRE Replacement

Americans are very much obsessed with living in the now, and are undeniably capitulant when it comes to the idea that history is malleable…especially in the case of the bleeding heart liberals.

You see, the left has an asinine theory that no one should ever be offended by anything.  Perhaps it is because they spend so much time and energy on reacting to being triggered that their personal lives have suffered immensely.  I mean, it does take a whole lot of time to respond so idiotically to the trolls on Twitter that the left could simply be burned out on being offended themselves.

This reminds me of one of the most well-known jokes of all time:

A man walks into his doctor and says “Hey Doc, it hurts everywhere that I touch”.

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The doctor asks the man to demonstrate, and he proceeds to poke himself in the leg.


Then he pokes himself again in the arm.


Then, poking his chin, he lets out a whimper and yet another “ouch!”.

The doctor ponders for a moment and declares that he has a diagnosis.

“Your finger is broken”.

The liberal left is much like the patient here, in that everything hurts because they are employing a broken finger to gauge their issue.  It hurts because it always hurts.  It’s offensive because it’s always offensive.  It’s not the leg, chin, or arm…it’s the finger.

The same is true for history.  The left constantly claims to be bothered by true, historical facts, despite the reality that they themselves are creating the annoyance.  If it is only they who are offended, then whose fault could it be?

Of course, this has manifested itself over and over again in the case of the American Civil War, with the left claiming that having to so much as think about the Confederacy somehow offends them.  (Or, more accurately, it offends the people that the left have been tricking into voting for democrats for the past several decades).  So, we find ourselves now erasing history at the behest of the liberals, and the nation is becoming dangerously ignorant of the historical markers that we need to detect future cataclysms from occurring.

In Texas, one high school has become a focal point for this nonsense, with their Confederate soldier mascot now being replaced by something absolutely outlandish.

Students at the soon-to-be formerly named Robert E. Lee High in the North East Independent School District recently selected the rendering of a service dog, ending the era where their campus logo featured 13 stars and “Grumpy Gus,” a cartoon Confederate soldier bearing the signature red and gray campus colors.

On Monday night, North East ISD officials unveiled the chosen image of the new canine mascot outfitted in a service dog vest. The school’s motto, the “Volunteers,” is displayed on the side of the vest. On the chest, the vest reads “LEE,” an acronym for the school’s future name, “Legacy of Educational Excellence” High.

The service dog mascot and other changes will go into effect at the start of the 2018-19 school year when the high school officially becomes “LEE.” The school will maintain the red and gray colors.

That’s right:  A service dog.

While animal mascots aren’t anything peculiar on their own, the recent mass abuse of the service dog destination, particularly by wealthy and posh L.A. types who simply don’t want to ever leave their purse-hounds at home, has been a scourge on a number of industries within America.  Restaurants and airlines are among the most targeted by those with phony “service dogs”, with both industries being forced to capitulate to the highfaluting, holier than thou, Beverly Hills types who refuse to obey common courtesy when in public.

I love dogs, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not going to impose my dog on fellow air travelers or steakhouse patrons for no reason other than my own entitlement or selfishness.

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