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SCHOOL STABBING: Will The Left Attack The Right to Eat Steak?

In American today, likely the most fervent political discussion that we as a society are having revolves around the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms.

As it was intended by the Founding Fathers, the Second Amendment really only came into play once in our history, if you want to loosely interpret the secession of the southern states at the start of the Civil War as a battle against tyranny.  In hindsight, perhaps that line a bit blurry, but there is doubt that, at the time, fear mongers and warmongers alike were using that sort of rhetoric to rile the masses.

Other than that example, however, the Second Amendment has remained fairly passive on American soil.  Still, the left wants to take it away.  Even more incredible still, the right to bear arms has created a situation in which the sheer scope of our civilian force is a deterrent to invading armies.  Can you imagine the carnage if a foreign nation landed troops on the Gulf Coast of Texas and stormed beaches?  They wouldn’t make it to the first Waffle House they see being before completely eviscerated by just the citizenry, let alone highly-trained law enforcement officers and military personnel.

So, in order to demonize this insurance policy for our freedom, the left relies on emotion.  In the wake of several school shootings in 2018, this rhetoric has become increasingly bold, leading to many in the radical left calling for the wholesale repeal of the inalienable right.

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Will the left react with the same fervor to today’s news of a school stabbing in Pennsylvania?

The Upper Darby School District says the student was stabbed in a stairwell shortly before dismissal. According to Upper Darby police, the 15-year-old freshman was likely stabbed by another student.

“The student suffered multiple stab wounds and is currently being treated at the hospital, but his condition is unknown at this time,” Superintendent Dan Nerelli said in an email to students’ families.

The student is in stable condition at Lankenau Hospital.

While we would never look to mock a serious incident such as this, there is no doubt that there are some silly metaphors to be drawn here.

Should school stabbings continue to rise in our nation, is there a chance that the liberal left looks to ban knives?  Or at least sharp knives?  You know, like assault knives.  Ones with serrated, scary edges and black handles?  Ones whose only purpose is the tearing of flesh?

I won’t have it.  I shan’t have it.  Give me sirloin or give me death.

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