After School Satan Club to Move its Pilot Program

As I reported, the Seattle chapter of the Satanic Temple was seeking to set up an after school program in the Mount Vernon School District. They pressured the district to allow After School Satan as an option to The Good New Club. But things did not work out as planned.

Breitbart reports

As reports, the Satanists had originally planned to start their club at Centennial Elementary School in the Mount Vernon School District but discovered the club would have to meet several hours after the end of the school day due to other activities sponsored by the school district.

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“We have our own school activities, and that includes our own after-school program,” said Centennial Elementary School Principal Erwin Stroosma. “When that kind of stuff is going on, we don’t allow other organizations to rent the facility.”

This was going to throw a kink into the Satanists’ plans, so they have found a new target for their pilot program.

Breitbart reports

The Satanic Temple of Seattle (TST) announces its proposal for an “After School Satan Club pilot program” in the Tacoma, Washington public schools.

“We’ve contacted the Tacoma Public Schools District via email and letter announcing our intentions to start an After School Satan Club at Point Defiance Elementary, and have requested their Facility Use application so we may follow the correct procedures in applying,” says the Satanic Temple’s website. “We look forward to providing a fun, educational option for Point Defiance students to learn about science, rationalism, and critical thinking.”

It is funny that these people claim that Christians are closed minded and bent on indoctrination. They claim Christians are beset with superstition and anti-scientific. They argue that we Christians do not know how to think critically. So, they want to come in and help our children and us.  All the while being guilty of the same things.

Breitbart continues

After School Satan Clubs incorporate games, projects, and thinking exercises that help children understand how we know what we know about our world and our universe.

But any view of the world that is based solely on science and what it can tell us of the universe is missing one major component. Science cannot tell us from where matter came. If the universe was full of matter in a point densely packed together and then it exploded, or forcible began to expand, this leaves one big hole it cannot account for; how did the matter come to exist.

You see, the atheist chides the Christian for the same fundamental problem that exists in their theory. What is the first cause? What caused matter to exist in its pre-big bang state.

And this does not even touch the issue that this statement raises. How we know what we know. The human mind and knowledge is something that science again cannot explain.

In essence After School Satan would be the blind leading the innocent.

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