After School Satan Club Coming to Seattle Elementary Schools

What do you do when you are told that you have no choice but to do something that you know is wrong? What if this wrong action is something that you know will hurt your community? Worse, by this action, you will be damaging and confusing children. What can you do when this happens, and the law is against you?

This is the place a school district in Washington State has found itself.

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Christian New reports

An attorney is advising an elementary school in Washington to approve
an “After School Satan” club, warning that the school district may incur expensive litigation if they turn down the Satanic group.

After receiving the Satanists’ request, the Mount Vernon School District hired attorney Duncan Fobes to give them legal counsel on the matter.
On Wednesday, Fobes presented his suggestion to the school board: accept the Satanic group.

“I think that if the school district denied that application, you would face costly litigation that would be distracting from your mission and would ultimately be unsuccessful,” Fobes reportedly said.

This should not be a surprise. As I reported, the Satanic Temple had posted on its website that this new program was going to be going nationwide. It also should not surprise us that the school is going to give in and allow the program.

But as I stated in my original article, this is the beginning of the group’s end. If they have anyone to show up, then they will have to provide them with activities, and someone will have to take care of the children.

This will cost time and money.

Something that the ungodly rarely will give up for long.

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