School: God is Out; Rapists are in

Rockville High School. If you haven’t heard of it, you have been living under the proverbial rock. Two male students, Jose Montano age 17, and 18-year-old Henry Sanchez, raped a 14 year old girl in the boys (I guess to be transgender-ly correct I should say “Male Identified”)  bathroom. It just so happens that both ALLEGED predators are in this country illegally.

Naturally, the fact that the beings with a penis involved in this assault did not enter this country through proper channels has caused a firestorm, as well it should. However, it is to be expected when you take ALL mention of God and anything resembling morals out of the institution known as Public School. Seriously people, we are fighting the wrong battles to win the war.

Schools are NOT safe. It is that simple. The attack happened in a remote area where there are no surveillance cameras. REALLY? First off, the fact that surveillance cameras are needed is RIDICULOUS!!! There was a time when all you needed was a teacher standing outside of a classroom door. Actually there was a time when there was one teacher with about 15 students in one room and you NEVER heard of awful things like this happening. It is not a matter of needing to lower the population. It is a matter of getting back to the values that children were taught both at home and at school.

We ALL failed this little girl by letting evil take hold. We didn’t insist that we have moral and ethical leaders led by God. We let the squeaky wheels get the grease and allowed God to be taken out of school. We allowed our country to get into such a Godless state by sitting idly by while evil grew by leaps and bounds. It is time to GET RADICAL.

No, I do NOT mean taking to the streets with signs and banners. I mean we start living, breathing and teaching the word of God in our homes and not allowing our children to walk into a den of vipers on a daily basis. I mean we do not allow the devil to have a place of honor in our schools.

You would not send your child into shark infested waters with meat tied onto his/her body, so why in the world do you send them into danger everyday under the guise of education? Aren’t there some things you don’t want your kids to learn?

But by all means, let’s worry more about reforming taxes and insurance than schools because hey THERE are no problems there, right? The saddest part is that this story will be forgotten when a bigger one takes its place and fade into oblivion for all except the family of one 14 year old girl, and of course that precious child of God who was thrown to the wolves.

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