School Deems Trump Jersey “Unacceptable” For Patriotically Themed Event

There is a very real dissonance between what America stands for, what President Trump stands for, and what the liberal “resistance” stands for.

In the dregs of the democratic party there is a bizarre mutation occurring.  In 2018, the name of the game is opposing the President on literally everything.  If Trump like’s Diet Coke, the left drinks Pepsi.  If Trump likes vanilla ice cream, it’ll be chocolate for the millennials.  Heck, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the left started calling for the abolishment of marriages between rich, white men and supermodels.

This has created a frightening reality for the nation, due to the fact that Trump loves America.  By following the illogical logic of the lunatic left, that means that the “resistance” hates America.  We saw this in Berkeley, California with the riots to curb the First Amendment.  We see it everyday in the left’s insistence that we treat people differently from one another, when our Constitution instead says that “all are created equal”.

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That’s a rabbit hole we could go down for days, so this understanding of the issue will have to suffice for now.

It is this antithetical predisposition that has led us to today, where a young man wearing a Trump-themed sports jersey was told to remove said item from a patriotically-themed school event.

A high school student in North Carolina was forced to remove a jersey featuring the president’s last name at a patriotic-themed high school football game.

WTVD reported that the event took place on October 5 at Harnett Central High School in the town of Angier.

Mike Collins, the student’s father, said Saturday on Fox & Friends that the Trump jersey was given to his family by a friend.

Collins said the game was dubbed “America Night” and that his son, who sat in the front row, was singled out by the school’s principal shortly before halftime.

He added that the principal told his son his shirt was political and that parents in the stands were complaining.

Collins, a registered Democrat, said that his son ultimately left the game after being warned by the principal but was “humiliated.”

Eventually, the school district was forced to make a statement addressing their concerns over the incident, saying that students are certainly allowed to politically express themselves on campus.  This message came long after Collins’ son was bullied by his principal.



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