School Dumps Michelle Obama Lunch Plan, Students Cheer as School Saves Money

How many horror stories have we heard about the supposedly healthy Michelle Obama school lunches?

There was the report of burgers cooked to specifications and being served red and pink. They looked partially raw and half cooked, but according to Michelle Obama lunch program guidelines, they were deemed safe and fully cooked.

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There was also the report of a school in Georgia that was following Michelle Obama lunch program and one parent discovered that her son was not eating the food and coming home from school saying he was starving. The parent managed to get photos of the moldy French fries, old coleslaw and other food that was better suited for the garbage than being served to kids.

There was also the report of a school teacher in Williamson, West Virginia that wasn’t aware of Czarina Obama’s school snack rules. The teacher, whose name was made public, was reported for rewarding her students with pieces of wrapped candy for hard work and good behavior.

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Someone reported what the Williamson teacher was doing to the school district. Kay Maynard, Director of Child Nutrition for the Mingo County Schools, reported the serious violation to the West Virginia Department of Education. She also contacted Shannon Blackburn, the principal at the teacher’s school and told him that the teacher may be facing a fine for violating Michelle Obama’s dictatorial food policy.

These and numerous other reports of students dumping the uneaten lunches in the garbage cans have led a number of schools to withdrew from the Michelle Obama school lunch program. Others opted to remain in the school lunch program because of the threat of losing thousands in federal funding.

Penn-Trafford High School in Harrison City, Pennsylvania faced losing thousands of dollars in funding if they withdrew from Michelle Obama’s National School Lunch Program. However, under the lunch program, participation in school lunches declined about 25% of the students.

The school said with the decrease in participation, they were still losing money and could no longer operate at such losses, so they opted out of the lunch program. So how are they doing?

According to a recent report:

“We’ve lost, to date, about $40,000 worth of reimbursement, but our sales are up about $50,000 over last year,” he said. “Participation has gone from about 25 percent to 45 percent, and we’re still providing free lunches to all those students who would have been eligible under the school lunch program.”

Ditching the federal regulations allowed school food workers to redesign the cafeteria from a funnel system with few choices to a food court model with a deli and panini station, grill, main course counter and other stations, according to the news site.

“You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” junior Chase Zavarella said. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

Senior Brianna Lander pointed to the cafeteria’s garbage cans as evidence that the new system is working better than the federal rules, which require all students to take a fruit or vegetable whether they wanted it or not.

“The trash cans were always full, sometimes overflowing,” Lander said. “You don’t see that now. People would go up to the snack line and get random junk food, where now you can get an actual meal and eat it.”

Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch program was just as successful as Barack’s healthcare program. Both led to rebellion and failure and should be the lasting legacy of the husband and wife tyrant team named Obama.

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