Schizophrenic America



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My country tis of thee and thee and thee. It is divided like a schizophrenic because Obama is an ideological tree turning against the forest.


If he were a dog he’d bark or pee on himself.


He wears beautiful suits while his victims are suited by ISIS for death.


I am more black than Obama.  That is the content of my character not the color of my skin. I am a derivative of Martin Luther King not the Muslim bigotry of Malcolm X.


Obama  is a nouveau riche snob while I am the loose intellect of a human being in a failing country.


I hide in my cranium so I don’t have to hear Hillary’s lies. She is clearing her throat and muddying the truth.


Hillary is a sick, dying old lady and she wants to be the head of the free world. ISIS would want her head.

Decapitation is its speciality.


She is precipitating her own demise. She is following in Obama’s Manolo Blahnik’s.  She wants her fair share of everybody else’s.

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