The Scary Clown Face of Political Correctness Rears its Creepy Head

Well good ole Yahoo news, like any good leftist outfit, sounds the scary clown face alarm.

The media is putting on their scary clown face to stir up chaos. Keep in mind outfits like Yahoo News are in the business of making news not reporting news. The media has taken isolated incidences and have made them bigger then life.  Clown sightings have turned out to be false. It doesn’t matter though. The media drums stories and whips people into hysteria. They create problems that don’t exist. The Media’s job, in their minds, is to create controlled chaos. Just enough chaos to force people to react and behave accordingly.

The Scary Clown Face of Political Correctness is a tool to restrict freedom.

I’m in central Georgia. There’s a couple of community groups that are asking parents to not dress their kids up as clowns. The Scary Clown Face may be too much for tender hearted babies to stomach.  This is the reaction from the public the media is looking for. Fear the non-existent threat and restrict behavior. The more people scared, the better. When people are scared, political correctness rears its scary Clown Face and drives people to isolation. The Marxist media and the Democrat party love this environment they can force people and businesses to bow to their will with the tools of fear and political correctness.

McDonald’s is the latest example of running from the Scary Clown Face of political correctness.

It reminds me of other occasions McDonalds restaurants bowed to political correctness. McDonalds stopped putting prizes in Happy Meals in California. They also changed the ingredients in making their french fries to satisfy the enviro health nazis. Ronald McDonald the clown will stop making appearances in Europe because of this manufactured clown scare.

It’s time to tear off the Scary Clown face of political correctness and hunt them down like crazed warriors.

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The media is only powerful when we give them the power. When we make a stand they back down. It’s kind of a comical story regarding the whole creepy clown scare. People add to the story by making all these false sightings. People get a kick out of making national news. Buying Creepy Clown masks go through the roof.  Even liberal Stephen King creator of the infamous movie “It” chastises the media craze. The media will only create news when we let them. Don’t give them the power; instead, tear off their Scary Clown face of political correctness.

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