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Scarborough Takes His Ratings Bump, “Apologizes” for 9/11 Comments

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The sickening truth about the mainstream media is that much of our outrage against them is both metered and approved by those at the the helm of the whole thing.

It’s called “controlled controversy” in some circles, and yesterday’s hoopla surrounding Joe Scarborough was no exception.

If you missed the entire thing, the brief synopsis is that Joe Scarborough was published as saying that Donald Trump is as damaging to the idea of the American Dream as the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Of course, this bold sentiment was roundly lambasted by decent Americans everywhere, claiming that Scarborough had crossed a line.  And, to be fair, he did cross a line, but this author has very little doubt that this was a well-organized stunt, meant to the drive attention to Joe and his television program ratings.

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Essentially, Scarborough decided that the best way to get his name in the headlines was to go nuclear and drop a 9/11 comparison that would set Trump country on fire.  So, he likely ran it by all of his media overlords, they decided it was a risk worth taking for the ratings, and it was so.

Then, right on cue, we were outraged and offended, and Joe Scarborough gets a huge bump in the media.

Now, predictably, Scarborough is walking back his horrible commentary after reaping the benefits of his concocted controversy.

“More care”.  Sure, Joe.  Maybe you could have also used “common sense”.

And, let’s be honest here folks, if this was an “iffy” situation that demanded simply “more care”, it wouldn’t have made it past the layers of editors and image handlers that it had.

This was nothing more than controlled controversy, folks.  We’ve been getting played by the mainstream media for ages, and this stunt is no different.  Shame on you, Joe Scarborough.

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