Anthony Scaramucci

Scaramucci Tackles Insane Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory On Day Two

Anthony Scaramucci has taken one of the toughest jobs in Washington D.C. this week, as he joins the Trump administration in the role of Communications Director.

Scaramucci, whose hiring was so adamantly opposed by Sean Spicer that the former White House Press Secretary resigned over it, will be on the front line of President Trump’s war against fake news with only Sarah Huckabee Sanders standing between himself and a rabid pack of journalists.  Furthermore, Scaramucci takes the reigns of the White House press circus in the midst of an incredibly stubborn liberal conspiracy theory that alleges President Trump is himself a Russian operative who colluded with Vladimir Putin to win the 2016 election.  The absurdity of this claim is not lost on Scaramucci, however, as the new head honcho in the communications office decided to take the nonsense head-on in his first few hours in office.

Appearing on CNN, the most blatant of the mainstream media’s fake news agencies, Scaramucci got down to business.

“Scaramucci said, ‘The truth of the matter is that the president’s not going to have to pardon anybody because the Russian thing is a nonsensical thing. I was there early on in the campaign. I didn’t have any interactivity with the Russians. I didn’t see anybody have interactivity with the Russians.’

“’It is a completely bogus and nonsensical thing,’ he continued. ‘And this is the stuff that happens in Washington I honestly don’t like. It’s scandals incorporated. You guys have to manufacture these scandals  to take the president off his agenda.’”
Given the timing, one could certainly argue that Scaramucci was chosen by Trump to address these issues with haste; something that the new White House Communications Director is certainly accomplishing.
The left has been promoting this cockamamy theory regarding Russia since long before Trump was inaugurated.  Hillary Clinton first insinuated this bizarre idea during debates with then-candidate Trump.  The mainstream media, who openly operated during the election as Clinton surrogates, helped to perpetuate the absurd allegation throughout their coverage of Clinton’s miserably abysmal showing in November.

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