Scandals Oprah Needs to Answer To if She is Running for President

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Liberals are foolishly flattering TV star Oprah Winfrey into thinking that she could win election to the White House, and whether she can or not there are a lot of shady and difficult questions and life choices she would need to answer to before hitting the campaign trail. But can she stand the heat after 30 years of hero worship? Politics, as they say, ain’t beanbag and Oprah would find her days of hero worship crashing to a halt if she were to announce a run for the White House. Can she take that heat?

With the left going crazy over Winfrey’s hollow speech delivered at the Golden Globes awards show this year, some are starting to look more carefully at Oprah’s life and work and it turns out there is a list of things that may not sit well with the voters if they were better known. If she becomes a candidate for president there would be an army of people whose job would be to dredge these things into the light.

Now, Oprah has some 40 years of life led in the public eye, but it all has been as an entertainer, actress, TV show host, and producer. Sure, she is beloved by millions, but her reputation has been earned under a different set of rules as an entertainer than she would have been subjected to if she were a politician. Indeed, there are a lot of shady things in her past that are easily ignored or waved away by fans of an entertainer. But those same things would not be so easily ignored by those assessing a politician.

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Granted, we can’t blithely dismiss Oprah merely because she is an entertainer. After all, we’ve had two presidents who were featured entertainers before they jumped into politics. We have also had numerous congressmen and senators who were sportsmen, TV actors, or movie stars before they threw their hat in the political ring. So, being an entertainer is not a criterion we can automatically use to dismiss her.

But, she does have soft spots. Just take her very shallow speech at the Golden Globes, for instance. It really was a tour de force of nothingness, and if that is an example of her political thinking, it really does make her an empty suit.

If you want a good take down of how empty it was, radio talk show host Mark Levin totally eviscerated Oprah’s speech on his radio show this week. Levin called the whole fiasco “grotesque” and pointed out that Winfrey delivered her speech as if we were all still living in the 1940s when women and blacks were second-class citizens. He also slammed her for ignoring the decades of abuse perpetrated by numerous Hollywood luminaries. Historical ignorance and hypocrisy are not good metrics.

But this is just one thing. In fact there is a long list of things that Oprah would have to answer to if she wanted to become a politician.

Grabien News recently posted just such a list containing 12 “skeletons” that Oprah can’t continue to hide in her closet without comment were she to become a presidential candidate.

For instance, Grabien noted that one of Winfrey’s more disgusting and shocking skeletons was her promotion of a facial cream that has an awfully shocking ingredient.

Oprah has promoted a face cream derived from … babies’ discarded foreskins. Winfrey calls SkinMedica’s anti-wrinkle cream a “magic fountain of youth.” Others say her enthusiasm for the product clashes with her activism against genital mutilation.

Seriously! What in the holy…

Another one of the things she would have to answer to is her admission to having frequently smoked crack when she was younger. She blamed her drug abuse on an emotional reaction to some bad romantic relationships. If she starts smoking crack because of a bad date, how will she react when North Korea starts threatening the U.S. with nuclear war?

Give them a free car, or something?

Oprah also used her show to push dubious businesses and personalities like “mediums” who claim to be able to talk to the dead, “doctors” who made pseudo scientific claims, and other off the wall ideas. Why should she be given a pass or pushing these charlatans on her audience?

Then there is the fact that she was a close personal friend of sex abuser Harvey Weinstein. Even as Oprah runs around Hollywood pretending that she is a crusader for women, for decades she turned a blind eye to Weinstein’s well-known abuses. Why should she get a free pass for this blatant hypocrisy?

And don’t forget the time that she said the only way for racism to end in the USA was “for racists to die.” Does she really wish for the death of people with whom she disagrees?

Speaking of racism, there was the much-publicized incident in Europe where Oprah accused a store clerk of being a racist and mistreating her as a customer just because she was black. But there isn’t an ounce of proof that Oprah was telling the truth. Indeed, the clerk’s own boss and friends stuck up for her saying that the clerk was not known as a racist by anyone.

Grabien has a lot more than those I list above, of course. But the fact remains that there are a lot of things that Oprah would have to answer for if she were to throw her hat in the ring. She will be faced with very tough questions and sharp attacks.

After a life time of having people bow and scrape to her and treat her like a queen, can she handle this sort of situation? Probably not.

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