Say It Ain’t So: Kaepernick Returning to NFL As An Owner?!

The NFL’s incredible fall from grace has continued to snowball during the 2017 season with no end in sight whatsoever.

Ratings and ticket sales are in the toilet this year, with Americans wholly ignoring the sport thanks to the league’s unwillingness to curb the rampant politicization of its television coverage and the increasing awareness surrounding the rigging of results – something that Pittsburgh Steelers fans will be happy to explain to you after last night’s bizarre game-ending call that went the way of the league darling New England Patriots.

The impetus for this newfound hatred of the National Football League was a man by the name of Colin Kaepernick – one of the most mediocre backup quarterbacks to suit up in the last few years.  During his time on the field, Kaepernick took the Black Lives Matter social justice bait hook, line, and sinker, and began his own public crusade to disparage American law enforcement.  Not only was this “role model” photographed wearing clothing that depicted police officers as pigs, but Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem in protest of police brutality.

When the rest of the league saw how much media attention this barely talented second stringer was getting, a bandwagon was formed and populated the likes of which the NFL had never seen.  Now, with anthem protests going league-wide, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell refusing to address his fans’ complaints regarding them, the entire sport of American football has taken a dramatic hit in ratings and live attendance.

Now, with Kaepernick unemployed due to his inability to perform at a professional level, the rabble rouser is looking to get back into the NFL…this time as an owner.

“Controversial free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick hopes to join entertainer Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs in purchasing the Carolina Panthers from embattled founder Jerry Richardson, who recently announced his intention to sell the team following allegations of sexual harassment and racism.

“‘I want in on the ownership group!’ Kaepernick tweeted Monday. ‘Let’s make it happen!’

“On Sunday Combs said he wanted to buy the team and hire Kaepernick to play quarterback after a Sports Illustrated report documented wide-ranging claims of workplace misconduct against Richardson.

“Former Panthers employees spoke of lewd remarks, lingering gazes and inappropriate touching. On at least one occasion. Richardson was accused of directing a racial slur against an African-American employee.”

As if the NFL needs any more drama, Kaepernick returning as a possible owner might seal the fate of the league as a whole.

Additionally, given Kaepernick’s militant allegiance with Black Panther-like ideologies, this move would be akin to replacing a sexist with a racist – something that the people of Charlotte, North Carolina, (not to mention the rest of the nation), will likely be uncomfortable with.

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