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Saturday Night Live Takes Cheap Shot at Trump with Bizarre Musical Number

The writers over at Saturday Night Live have had a rough go of it in the past several years, as the quality of the show’s comedy has taken an abysmal turn.

The heydays of the 80’s and 90’s are certainly over for the long running variety program, with only glimpses of the late night broadcast’s former brilliance making an appearance every few weeks.  Much of this turned tide can be directly related to the program’s incessant liberal slant and their reliance on whack job Alec Baldwin’s frequent appearances to stay relevant.

Now, after former SNL cast member Al Franken was photographed groping a sleeping journalist’s breasts this week, Saturday Night Live was forced to reach deep into their bag of tricks to coddle the millennials on whom they rely.

The most desperate of their attempts to connect with the young and “hip” liberal demographic was a phony R&B music video that aired last night, imploring former President Barack Obama to return to the White House.

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“’Saturday Night Live’ had a message for former President Barack Obama in the form of a song called, ‘Come Back, Barack.’

“’Why would you leave us?’ [Keenan] Thompson asked while talking over the song. ‘Oh, cause you had to because of the Constitution. But you can come back, right? Oh, you can’t because that would undermine the very institutions that we’re barely holding on to as it is? I see. I guess we stuck with this dude for a while then. Maybe you can come back and make a speech? How much would that cost? For real? Oh, no, we definitely can’t afford that.'”

That final quip may be a slight dig at the former President, who has followed fellow democrat Hillary Clinton down the rabbit hole of exorbitantly paid speeches for Wall Street demagogues.

Again, we find ourselves staring down a resistance movement that wholly believes that the rule of law should be suspended in order to rearrange the political climate of Washington D.C.  Worse yet, there are democrats, such as the certifiably insane Maxine Waters, who ascribe to similarly harebrained theories about how our government operates.  Earlier this week, Waters claimed that President Trump should be impeached for name-calling.  

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