Satanic After School Activities for Kids… What’s Next?

Satanic after school activities for kids.  Nothing evil to see here.

An elementary school in Washington State will be allowing an after-school Satan club. Lawyers advised the school district it would lose a lawsuit if the club is denied Satanic after school activities for kids. You can thank the Supreme Court ruling in 2001. The ruling stated that all schools must allow all organizations, secular or religious, to use school property if they allow one to have access.

The Portland Oregon chapter of The Satanic Temple has triumphed at Sacramento Elementary.

On Oct. 19th the “After School Satan” club will begin. Are you thinking “this doesn’t affect my children”? Think again. The program has also been proposed in schools across the country. Unfortunately, they have been proposed in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Washington D.C., as well as Springfield, Missouri and Pensacola, Florida.

Now, these “club” pushers insist that Practitioners do not worship Satan.

You’ve heard it before. Satan’s greatest achievement has been to make us believe he doesn’t exist. They state they don’t even believe in Satan as an actual entity or person. They insist that Satan is a “symbol of pride, liberty and individualism.”  Satan has blinded the degenerate. You have to defy logic to accept that Satanic after school activities for kids is not religious. Would you open a vegan restaurant and call it the chicken shack?

The Satanic Temple has made a mission of opposing religious groups that it deems oppressive.

They view these groups as brutal, burdensome, cruel, depressing, dictatorial, harsh, and heavy-handed. In conclusion, that is how they view Christianity. Perhaps someone should show them what following Jesus really is about. Are you shocked yet? We invited Satan into our schools when we pushed God out the door. We pushed God not just out of the schoolhouse but our homes. What are you going to do about it?

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