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Satanic Heavy Metal Singer Drops C-Bomb in Filth-Filled, Anti-Trump Rant

While many celebrities on the left have taken to lambasting the President in recent months, few have gone to the vulgar lengths that Corey Taylor has in his latest tirade against Trump.

Taylor, the lead singer for satanic, masked heavy metal band Slipknot, has been no fan of Donald Trump from the moment that the now-President announced his candidacy.  As with most liberal twerps who have taken to their soapboxes in opposition to the President Taylor had some choice words for the Commander in Chief…so choice, in fact, that they are not fit to be reprinted here.  Or anywhere.

Upping the ante on foul language, Taylor’s statements appear as shift-character gibberish when censored for publication.

“Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor went off on President Donald Trump in an interview this week, calling the president a ‘petty, petulant c*nt’ and lamenting the divisiveness of American politics, particularly during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

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“In an interview with Rolling Stone to promote his upcoming book, America 51, the 43-year-old lead singer — also the frontman for the band Stone Sour — said it is ’embarrassing’ that Trump is president and added that he ‘can’t go away fast enough.’

 Taylor pointed out an incident from the G7 summit last month in which Trump appeared to nudge aside the prime minister of Montenegro to get a better position for a photograph.

“’I’m like, “Ugh, you petty, petulant c*nt,”‘ Taylor said. ‘Would you just f*cking get impeached already?’

“The singer also went after those who voted for Trump in the 2016 race: ‘Was there a reason you wiped your a** with your f*cking vote, you bunch of d*ckheads? Good for you.'”

So much for the eloquence and romantic language of lyricists and songwriters.

Taylor, like many performing in his genre of heavy music, has felt the need to replace critical thinking with a lewd and offensive choice of language, as if those small and shocking words somehow enhance his conveyed meaning.  Instead, however, the aging, adult man who wears a Halloween mask onstage has come off sounding more like the late night gas station attendant from the rough part of town who’s putting on a show to keep his roughneck clientele from sniffing out his true frailty.


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