Sarah Palin Threatens Revolt Against RNC If This Happens

As the Republican National Convention continues to loom over us, the coronation of a single candidate via the delegate system is looking nearly futile.  Candidate Donald Trump feel that the rules are stacked against him, while his only real opponent, Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score], is hoping that his past reputation in congress can be shooed away long enough for the RNC to rest the crown on his head.

Even more thought-provoking is the possibility of the RNC trotting out a surprise show-horse to prance directly into the general election.

One oft-quoted and polarizing Republican figure will have none of that, and her strong language does not leave much room for interpretation.

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On the subject of the Convention being steered away from the popular vote of the American people, and in the direction of a yet-to-be-seen nominee, Sarah Palin stated simply “How dare they?”.

Pressed further in an interview with the Associated Press, Palin escalated her language to suggest that “we will rise up and say our vote does count, our activism does count”.

This concept of using a popular vote as opposed to the delegate system, or even a brokered convention, parrots some of Donald Trump’s recent talking points.

Palin also insinuated that she does not believe that the committee’s pledge to support the chosen candidate no matter who it is.  This of course mimics the spat of recent flip-floppery among the candidates themselves, as the race for the nomination has gotten uglier in the past few weeks.

Sarah Palin has officially endorsed Donald Trump for president, and has no problem lambasting Ted Cruz in support of The Donald.  When asked if she would support Cruz should he receive the nomination, she reluctantly agreed, but made sure to add that it was “unfortunate that he has people around him who are not truthful. I sure want to believe it’s the people around him and not Cruz as a person who would flip-flop on so many issues”.

Whether or not Palin’s “rise up” comment was crafted for the purpose of invoking support from previously seceded states has yet to be seen.

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