Sarah Palin Delivers a Harsh Message to #NeverTrump Republicans [VIDEO]

This past Friday former Alaska Governor and Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin delivered a scathing speech at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado. While she took the time to assail Democrats, liberals, the media and other “red meat” targets, the real surprise was when she turned her guns on her own… conservatives who were choosing not to support Donald Trump.

Palin launched into a tirade directed at the #NeverTrump Republicans arguing that they were either with the Trump wing of the GOP or against them. Speaking of the #NeverTrump “gang” she said this, “That gang, they call themselves Never hashtag, whatever, I just call ‘em Republicans Against Trump, or RAT for short.” Then she continued on by mocking them and blaming a possible Hillary Clinton victory on Republicans who won’t vote for Trump. She said that #NeverTrump Republicans “want to take their [Denver] Nuggets ball home and stay home instead of vote because their guy didn’t win this time around. Now, you know, I shouldn’t call them thumbsuckers because they’re not all bad. I’m kidding. They are… and Hillary [Clinton] thanks them because she cannot win without them.”

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It was some tough criticism from a politician that many #NeverTrumpers once defended, supported, and voted for.

However, Palin wasn’t the only Republican speaking at the conference, and one of the #NeverTrumpers she was complaining about had something to say about Donald Trump and his supporters.

Ben Shapiro was one of the leaders at when this campaign started, now he’s leading the effort at the Daily Wire and he’s firmly entrenched in the #NeverTrump camp. His speech at the Western Conservative Summit had the place buzzing and many conservatives wondering what our wing of the party will look like after the election.

Shapiro’s speech was full of fire, but he may have saved his best comments for Sarah Palin herself.

Here’s the problem: Some conservatives are justifying all this garbage in order to boost him to victory. You can hold your nose and vote Trump; I get it. I might do the same thing. But do not justify perversions of your ideology, perversions of your principles; don’t justify the perversion of your principles in order to justify your support for him. You want to hold your nose and vote Trump, go ahead and do it. You want to destroy conservatism in order to do it, please don’t.

Now there are some people, there are some people who are celebrating the garbage heap that is Donald Trump in order to boost him to victory. They’re calling anybody with questions a “thumbsucker,” they’re telling conservatives to shut up and sing along with the Orange-God-King Worship Choir; they’re calling any conservative who worries about corruption of conservatism a “Republican Against Trump,” an “R-A-T,” a “rat.”

People like this, the people who celebrate Trump, not people who are just voting holding their noses, the people who celebrate Trump and pretend he’s a conservative and try to pervert conservatism to fit Donald Trump, those people are Sell Outs For Trump. They’re “S-O-F-T,” “soft.”

Those people, by the way, are the reason that this Never Trump movement even existed in the first place because there’s an idea that the people willing to sell out conservatism for victory are going to destroy both victory and conservatism.


I have a feeling this internal debate between #NeverTrump and pro-Trump won’t end until November 8th.

Do yourselves a favor and read all of Shapiro’s speech at the Daily Wire.

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