Sarah Palin and Bill Nye Clash Over Climate Change

When deciding between Sarah Palin and Bill Nye, here’s how you figure out who is more scientific.

In the latest news on Sarah Palin and Bill Nye, the media wants you to sneer at Palin claiming to have equal science credentials.

The Hill reports,

Palin, the former governor of Alaska and the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, said the man known for his show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is using his position of authority to harm children by teaching them that climate change is real and man-made.

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“Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” Palin said at a Capitol Hill event held to roll out a film that aims to discredit climate scientists. “He’s a kids’ show actor; he’s not a scientist.

Palin said behind the “alarmism” that the climate is changing is a “predetermined” and political agenda “of those, I think, who are controlling the narrative right now on changes in the weather.”

She repeatedly dismissed climate change as changes in weather and said scientists who believe the consensus that humans are the main cause of global warming are trying to shut down human progress.

I expect many of my readers will believe, or at least suspect, that Sarah Palin is right about climate change. But even if you don’t, you should realize that “the science guy” is not a scientist. He simply reads what some scientists say and popularizes it. His background may possibly give him an advantage in reading and evaluating claims made by scientists, but he has not done any actual scientific work on earth’s climate.

No matter what is true of global temperatures, Palin is right about Nye.

More than that: when evaluating both Sarah Palin and Bill Nye, Palin has more right to be considered a scientist than Bill Nye. Again, this is true even if you agree with him about climate change and think that Palin is wrong.

The key distinction is that Palin repudiates the idea of putting scientists or non-scientists in prison for making the “wrong” claims. As notes, Nye is open to doing that.

Asked about environmental activist Robert Kennedy’s assertion that climate skeptics should be tried as war criminals, the TV personality mused, “We’ll see what happens.”

They also quote him approving criminal investigations of climate change “deniers,” saying of their effects on people,

That there is a chilling effect on scientists who are in extreme doubt about climate change, I think that is good.

How can science operate without freedom of speech and inquiry? Palin at least supports the social and civil preconditions for a civilization to have science. Bill Nye is just a secular pope.

Furthermore, the only reason Nye ever got famous is because he supports the regime’s opinions and works as their propagandist. That doesn’t mean everything he says is wrong, but it means he has zero authority as confirmation of regime doctrine.

Do you think Nye would have the platform he does if he didn’t viciously attack those who doubt man-made climate change?

No chance! He would be treated the way Sarah Palin is treated.

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