Sanctuary State Might be Created to Defend California Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

The legislature of California is considering turning it into a sanctuary state that refuses to enforce immigration laws.

In some ways, California is already a sanctuary state. But these bills would strengthen that policy!

CBS Los Angelos reports,

California may prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest state as legislative Democrats ramp up their efforts to battle President Donald Trump’s migration policies.

The legislation is scheduled for its first public hearing Tuesday as the Senate rushes to enact measures that Democratic lawmakers say would protect immigrants from the crackdown that the Republican president has promised.

Add this to the list of other California ideas, like secession and tax resistance.

If California will actually secede, then what they do with immigrants is of no concern to the remaining states. But if they stay, the point of this law is specifically aimed at building up the Democratic voter base.

For evidence that this is the motive, see Megan McArdle’s Bloomberg column, “The Democrats’ Rise Is Far From Inevitable.”

Why is it not inevitable? Because Trump might succeed in limiting immigration!

Whatever Trump does on immigration is probably going to hurt Democrats. The more people assimilate, the less likely they are to see their ethnic identity as the most important determinant of their political commitments. And the smaller the number of new immigrants coming over to refresh connections to the old country, the faster that ethnic identity dissipates.

Let us assume two things happen: Trump manages to eke out eight years in office, and he actually takes strong steps to stem the tide of immigration. What would the emerging Democratic majority look like then? Probably not so hot.

Just as Obamacare created new facts on the ground that are making it hard for Republicans to simply return to the old status quo, whatever Trump does on immigration will not only make it harder for Democrats to build the envisioned majority-minority coalition, but also make it harder for them to simply get back to a place where they can wait for it to dawn.

McArdle’s point about immigrants assimilating is important. She points out in her column that immigrants have tended to identify as Americans, eventually, and thus no longer be people that Democrats can rely upon as voters.

So the key is to get a lot of immigration at once, and to keep the immigrants that we have no matter how they got here or what their legal status is. It McArdle is right, then immigrants learning English and celebrating the Fourth of July is not what the Democrat Party needs. Rather, they need groups to stay isolated and culturally alien.

If McArdle can see this, then so can Democrat strategists. It makes sense that any state they control is going to do all they can to get and keep as many immigrants as possible—to become a sanctuary state. It also makes sense they will do all they can to prevent assimilation, insisting on public schools offering teaching in the foreign language of the immigrants for example. Even the crazy sight of pro-abortion women glorifying the Islamic dress code for subjugating women begins to make some kind of sense.

They need immigrants in America but they are threatened by immigrants who truly come to identify as Americans.

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