Sanctuary City San Francisco Can’t Be Sued for Wrongful Death [VIDEO]

Though a daughter was killed by an illegal immigrant in Sanctuary City San Francisco, the parents have no recourse.

Parents were attempting to hold Sanctuary City San Francisco accountable for an avoidable death.

But their complaint has been denied.

According to CBS Sacramento,

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San Francisco cannot be held liable for a slaying by a man who was in the country illegally and had been released by sheriff’s officials despite a request by immigration officials to keep him behind bars, a federal judge said.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero dismissed wrongful death claims filed by the family of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle against the city and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. The judge, however, allowed a negligence claim against the federal government to move forward.

Steinle’s shooting death thrust San Francisco into the national debate over immigration

The man charged with murder in the July 2015 slaying, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, was a repeat drug offender who was transferred to the city jail to face a marijuana sales charge after he completed a federal prison sentence for illegally reentering the country. The district attorney dropped charges, and the sheriff’s department released Lopez-Sanchez three months before Steinle’s death, ignoring a request by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to keep him behind bars.

San Francisco’s so-called “sanctuary policy” bars city employees from cooperating with federal immigration officials in deportation efforts.

So a judge sided with a progressive city against a private victim. Is anyone surprised by this? Sanctuary city San Francisco gets a free pass.

Remember how vigorously the Obama Administration and the media attacked Arizona when they tried to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books?

Meanwhile, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rahm Emanuel is claiming he can “get business done” with Donald Trump.

Emanuel also shed some light on the private pitch he used to try to convince Trump to soften some of the hard-line views he articulated on the campaign trail about immigration.

“I said to him, without exposing too much because I respect the privacy of a conversation, ‘You’re an investor in New York City with a building. You’re an investor in Chicago with a building. You’re an investor in D.C. with a building. They’re all sanctuary cities. You haven’t invested in a property in a non-sanctuary city. So there must be something about a sanctuary city you find appealing as a real estate investor,’” the mayor said.

“I tried to appeal to him — not on the moral component because I think that’s self-evident — but as a business person. Why is it as a business person you’ve decided to invest in cities that are sanctuary cities? Because there’s a vitality and an energy . . . that immigrants add to.”

What’s morally self-evident is that Donald Trump should use the full resources of the Federal government to crush Liberal centers like San Francisco and Chicago. These people think they have the right to break the rules with impunity and never be accountable for how they cause others to suffer. Then they have the audacity to pretend to be experts on morality.

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