“Sanctuary Campuses” May Face Punishment in Loss of Federal Funding

As I reported, a few universities have announced that they would not be assisting ICE in any of the deportations that Trump has promised. This means that they would not report or assist in any way in the investigation of any of its students.

They thought that they could do this and there would be no backlash. They saw no way in which the federal government could force their cooperation. But, like may publicly funded schools, they are about to find that this simply is not true.

The Washington Times reports

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Dozens of schools have already declared themselves sanctuaries and many more are debating the move, and Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, has now introduced legislation to try to stop them by stripping some federal funds.

Mr. Hunter’s legislation would require Homeland Security to keep a list of sanctuary campuses and send it to the Education Department, which would then cancel federal payments for student loans and financial aid, potentially costing schools billions of dollars.

One of the drawbacks to the state funding everything through high taxation is that they can determine what you do with that money. No one should ever be so stupid as to think that they are receiving anything for free. If you are, you have just become a slave. You are beholden to your benefactor.

Now that the Left has set up a system of pilfering of tax dollars, they have seen the purse handed to someone who does not agree with them. This means that the very tactic that they used to silence or run Christians out of their institutions may close the institutions altogether.

And no better justice could be served than to see the smug intelligentsia hiding in the make believe world of academia set out on their bottoms.

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