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San Juan Mayor Milking Her 15 Minutes of Fame with Latest Bratty Shirt

U.S. President Trump doesn’t take well to being insulted, especially by those who clearly are using their soapbox to further their own agenda.

Such is the case of the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz, who has been sparring with the Commander in Chief over the federal response to Hurricane Maria devastating the U.S. territory days ago.

It all began as Cruz, an obvious democratic shill, began lambasting the President personally for the complex nature of providing aid to Puerto Rico.  Not only was the island territory completely decimated by the hurricane, including a 100% loss of electrical power for several days, but the infrastructure of the nearly bankrupt locale was in dismal disrepair as recovery crews first arrived.

Complicating the situation was the inability of Puerto Rico to streamline their port shipping measures in order to quickly receive and distribute the goods that had already arrived on the island.  Furthermore, a call for CDL licensed truck drivers to travel to Puerto Rico was necessary in order to supply FEMA and shipping services with competent workers.

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This has all led to Mayor Cruz seizing this opportunity to place the blame for these bureaucratic nuances solely on President Trump – an indignant and repugnant spectacle for the national media to lap up.  Most egregiously, Cruz has been spending time and resources on a number of custom-printed t-shirts to wear during her mainstream media appearances, leaving many to wonder what the priorities of the attention-seeking bureaucrat truly are.

Her most recent statement shirt was a nod to Hillary Clinton, even if Cruz is unwilling to admit it.

“San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who had previously said her criticisms of the federal government’s handling of Hurricane Maria relief were about saving lives and ‘not about politics,’ took a shot at President Donald Trump by wearing a shirt that read ‘NASTY’ on it during a Univision interview.

“When asked by host Jorge Ramos what the significance of her ‘nasty’ shirt was, the mayor said it was a reference to Trump referring to her as a ‘nasty mayor.’ The interview was posted Wednesday to Univision’s AlPunto Twitter account.

“She went on to claim that Trump was the one who is ‘nasty.'”

Of course, Americans easily saw right through the Mayor Cruz’s pathetic publicity stunt, recalling one particular pedantic battle cry of the doomed Hillary Clinton campaign.

“Nasty woman” had become something of a bizarre badge of pride among liberal ladies during the aftermath of Clinton’s harrowing defeat at the polls, thanks to a soundbite by the unabashedly straightforward Trump.  There is no denying that Cruz’s shirt was purposefully reminiscent of that sentiment, and possibly an attempt to put herself in league with Clinton by proxy.

This clever, yet annoying maneuver is nothing more than Mayor Cruz hoping to make a mental connection between herself and the disenchanted democrats as she continues her quest for political notoriety.



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