Trump Protesters in San Diego Burned This Veteran’s Hat [VIDEO]

This could not be a better depiction of the two kinds of America. One is comprised of those looking to the future, willing to “make America great again.” They are veterans who have served this country in its armed forces. They are blue and white collar workers who are tired of the government taking more from them and giving more to non-citizens who don’t contribute to the economy, other than increasing the debt. They are teachers, parents, students, and a generation of Americans still hopeful for a bright future. And they want to be a part of the solution.

Trump supporters welcome police to the rally and thank them. They try to protect veterans who are swarmed by illegals holding Mexican flags.

The other are freeloaders who tear down others’ accomplishments and demand that everything they want be given to them for free. They are entitled and either ignorant or refuse to work towards setting and achieving goals. Their lives are self-centered and void of community involvement. They claim to care about the poor but don’t know them. They claim to be everything they are not, but are so deluded by the lies told to them by the media that they can no longer discern facts from fiction.

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Anti-Trump protesters scream profanity and harass a veteran, taking his sign and burning his hat.

Welcome to the complete Obamification of 2016 America:

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