Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee Has Gone Too Far in Her Mocking of Cancer Patient


The liberal media has grown to be an outrageous and callous cacophony of shameless self righteousness, smut, and mockery.

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As the United States grows accustomed to cringe-inducing diatribes dousing our ear drums on a constant basis from the likes of Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, and others, these pseudo-celebrities must then one-up each other to maintain their “edge”.  It’s the liberal equivalent of the proverbial urination competition, except that this contest usually ends with someone demonstrating extreme potty mouth instead of extreme potty-ing itself.

Take Samantha Bee, for example; an ultra-liberal, anti-Trump cast-off of The Daily Show.  Her new program, crudely titled “Full Frontal”, has been nothing more than a soapbox for her own twisted world view.  Now, as Bee competes with other political “comedians”, she has turned the corner into dark and ugly bits that move viewers far past the aforementioned cringing.

“Her program, like many other liberal shows, sent reporters to this year’s CPAC convention in Maryland to mock guests and speakers alike. During one particular segment, the show’s correspondent commented on how many of those in attendance sported a particular haircut, often referred to as an ‘undercut’.

“’This year, the bow ties were gone, replaced by Nazi hair, Nazi hair, Nazi hair,’ the correspondent said as the camera flashed from person to person with the popular style.

“One such person was a teenager named Kyle Coddington, who, according to his sister, wears his hair like that because he is battling stage-4 brain cancer.”

Samantha Bee’s crass and uncouth joke at the expense of a cancer-stricken individual should be the last straw for her floundering television career, but, alas, the liberal viewership tends to delight in these sort of hard-hitting insults, no matter who the target may be.




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