Safe Spaces Get A Makeover During Dual Sacramento Trump Rallies

The radical American left has been busy working on a  new definition for the First Amendment in which they claim harassment anytime they are offended by someone else’s free speech.

It began with a rapid deployment of weaponized political correctness that was meant to shame and belittle those who weren’t up on all of the latest democratic designations and the continued invention of genders and pronouns.  Then, as Donald Trump sparked a new enthusiasm among American conservatives, the left began claiming oppression by the words, opinions, and actions of these politically aware denizens of the right.  Early in the 2016 election, a series of “Trump 2016” phrases were emblazoned across the Emory University campus in Atlanta, GA, prompting liberal students to cry out.  These millennial snowflakes were incensed that anyone would dare support that candidate on their campus, and it led them to dueling fits of rage and fright.  The leftist student population demanded “safe spaces” and counseling to deal with the emotional trauma of seeing Donald Trump’s name in chalk.

The liberal “safe space” culture was born.  “Triggering”, micro aggressions”, and all of the other pedantic nonsense that these young “adults” invented to silence their conservative peers was thrown at Donald Trump and the republicans who supported him.  Trump rallies began accessorizing with de facto Anti-Trump rallies, piggybacking off of the candidate’s crowd to create YouTube propaganda gold.

Now, as these two factions met again in Sacramento, California, the liberal paradise of the West Coast ushered in the newest evolution in precious snowflake technology:  The Empathy Tent.

“The Sacramento Bee reported that as police worked to keep about 150 pro-Trump demonstrators and a smaller group of anti-Trump protesters from coming to blows, peace activists used an ’empathy tent’ to defuse tensions:

“‘The event also sported an “empathy tent,” where organizers promised “10 minutes of deep listening” without judgment, advice or interruption.’

“‘Edwin Rutsch, head of the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy, spent the afternoon sitting face to face in folding chairs with people who stopped by to talk politics, religion or whatever else struck them.’

“‘Rutsch said his group has been operating for 10 years and goes to areas of conflict to offer people a safe zone to talk. In recent months, he was at protests in Berkeley and at a pro-impeachment rally in Los Angeles, he said.'”

The left never ceases to amaze us.

In reality, these liberals are no different from the radical leftists that have been wreaking havoc on our nation’s political decorum for months.  The “empathy tent” and the entire snowflake charade is merely a publicity ploy to make the American political left appear sensitive and harmless.  The truth of the matter is that the left is radicalizing at an alarming rate, and incidents such as Kathy Griffin’s deplorable beheading stunt and James T. Hodgkinson’s assault on a baseball field full of GOP congressmen with a rifle are just another end of the same rope.

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