“Safe Space” at Berkeley Anything But Safe As Antifa Throws Punches

The University of California at Berkeley can’t seem to get anything right in recent months, including providing “safe spaces” for their precious snowflakes.

Berkeley pummeled its way into headlines back in February as the supposed “birthplace of free speech” became ground zero for the liberal neo-Fascist movement in America.  As conservative author Milo Yiannopolous was preparing to speak on campus just a month after Donald Trump took the oath of office, a massive protest erupted into violence as radical leftist students began a series of arsons and riots in an attempt to cancel the event.

After doing enormous damage to both campus and the surrounding city, Milo was forced to abandon his engagement, and the Antifa-affiliated neo-Fascists declared victory over the freedom of speech on campus.

This scene threatened to replay itself again and again over the course of 2017, as fellow conservative speakers Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro came to campus.  Coulter’s engagement was canceled completely for fear of a repeat incident, and Ben Shapiro’s crowd size was severely limited.

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Now, as these radical leftists claim that they were “triggered” by conservative speech and are in need of a “safe space”, it seems that Berkeley is unable to even provide that small semblance of calm as Antifa continues to push their violent vitriol on the world at large.

“A middle school teacher-turned-Antifa leader was among the four people arrested after opposing political groups clashed Tuesday inside a so-called ’empathy tent’ at the University of California, Berkeley.

“Three men were also arrested on charges including possession of body armor, carrying a banned weapon and participating in a riot.

“The empathy tent was reportedly in place to offer protesters a calm place to unwind amid the chaos around them. But the tent ultimately offered little respite – and nearly toppled during clashes between conservative students and leftist activists, the Los Angeles Times reported.”

This constant Fascist pressure being exerted by the ironically named “Antifa” has led to an extremely unacceptable level of political violence in our nation.

These domestic terrorists have been unwavering in their attempts to push a New Civil War on the American people, consistently launching tirades against our President, our Founding Fathers, and our Constitution, all under the guise of liberal patriotism – a deceitful disguise that has been mangling the millennial minds of Berkeley and beyond.  Now, it seems, they have lost all sense of decorum whatsoever in attacking their political enemies within a so-called “safe space”.

Shaming Antifa has failed to yield results.  It is time for whatever the next step may be in purging our nation of this leftist scourge.

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