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RyanCare: What would Ron Paul tell us?

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Ron Paul is no longer in Congress. But there’s actually a way for us to know exactly what he would tell us about RyanCare…

He earned the nickname “Dr. No” because he has often been the only Congressman to vote “No” on a piece of popular legislation. He introduced the Sanctiy of Life act which was designed to state that life begins at conception, and he also tried to pass a constitutional amendment to deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants.

Maybe best of all, he wanted a constitutional amendment to abolish federal income, state, and gift taxes. Now wouldn’t that be nice?


He always voted to shrink the size of government. No one has ever listened. Now, with RyanCare being presented as the “Do or die” option by Republicans in Congress, as well as Trump, what wisdom would Dr. Paul give us today? Is it a better bill than Obamacare? Should Republicans actually vote for it?

When Ron Paul was in Congress in 1976, he hired someone to write his weekly newsletters which he mailed to people living in his district.

This writer is still around, and this is what he says…

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