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Ryan Zinke’s Interior Department Shrinking After Secretary Discovers…

President Trump promised to shrink the federal government during his first term, but it’s unlikely that this is exactly what he had in mind.

Trump, the candidate” vowed to the American people that he would reign in the bloated and overwhelmingly powerful Washington D.C. machine as soon as he get himself to the desk in the Oval Office, and he has been delivering.  The EPA and the Department of the Interior have both seen healthy reductions in their operating costs and staffing, saving Americans millions of tax dollars in the transformation.

Beyond the financial impact, however, Trump’s maneuvers have has a lasting effect on the Washington culture.  No longer are the unnecessary or tainted allowed to freely roam the halls of government.

And now, with Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke getting wind of some improper behavior within his staff, that particular department will be shrinking once again.

“Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced Thursday that he fired four senior managers at the Department of the Interior for ‘inappropriate conduct,’ including sexual harassment.

“Interior spokeswoman Heather Swift said in an email that while she could not provide specifics, the managers ‘abused their authority to intimidate or harass fellow employees. This includes but is not limited to sexual harassment,’ ABC News reported.

“Zinke also spoke directly on the matter and called for ‘culture change.’

“‘I’ve already removed four senior leaders that were guilty of inappropriate behavior and I will remove four hundred more if necessary. Intimidation, harassment and discrimination is a cancer to any organization,’ he said in a video posted to the department’s website.”

The no-nonsense attitude of Zinke is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant Washington atmosphere in which the Deep State continues to lurk and hunt in the shadows, collecting populist pelts by the dozen.

At nearly a year removed from Donald Trump’s inauguration, Americans are beginning to realize the full extent of this anti-establishment revolution on Capitol Hill.  Business as usual is dead in the water, and that includes the ridiculous culture of harassment that comes with the wealth and power of the old D.C. way of life.

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