Russia’s Latest Bold Move Off NC Coast Has New Cold War Heating Up

As we move ahead into 2018, there is quite a bit of trepidation in America as to how our current conflicts with the Russian government may play out.

Some of us may remember the Cold War, and all of the abstract terror that we were led to believe was just around the corner.  At the drop of a hat, the Soviet Union would unleash a furious hailstorm of nuclear warheads into the atmosphere, where they would travel across enormously vast distances before shrieking through the skies of America.  Eventually, they would land somewhere within the borders of these United States, detonating violently before vaporizing every man, woman, and child who was unable to duck and cover below their desks before the impact.

We’ve long since declared the Cold War over, with no obvious nuclear attacks to speak of.  Our relationship with Russia did warm a bit, but just a bit, before former President Barack Obama fell for the democratic conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was a Kremlin double agent whose ties to Moscow won him the 2016 presidential election.  Obama, in retaliation, sent home several Russian ambassadors from Washington D.C., further infuriating the already insulted Kremlin.

Now, after a few tiffs revolving around U.S. involvement in Syria and North Korea, as well as a few incidents in the skies, the Russians are ramping up their military presence around the world in unexpected ways…including a high tech spy ship lurking just off the coast of North Carolina.

“The Russian spy ship, the Viktor Leonov, was spotted 100 miles south east of Wilmington, North Carolina, in international waters, according to a US military official, just days after the vessel was seen leaving the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain.

“Two US military officials said the Russian ship is being tracked by the destroyer USS Cole and other naval assets.
Outfitted with a variety of high-tech spy equipment and designed to intercept communications signals, the Viktor Leonov was observed operating in the Caribbean last week, a US defense official told CNN.
“It was unclear at the time where the vessel was heading, but the official said the spy ship has typically traveled up the eastern seaboard near Cape Canaveral, King’s Bay, Norfolk and New London in the past.
 “All these locations are home to US naval installations.”
While the nonchalance of this particular article’s verbiage doesn’t have the pizzaz of a dire threat, the idea of the Leonov parked within a few hours’ travel of the U.S. mainland is unnerving at best.
As recently as last week, rumors were swirling regarding Russia’s continued trade with North Korea in spite of wide ranging sanctions against the hermit kingdom.  This led to a frustrated rebuke from Washington D.C., further complicating the relationship between these two behemoths of global power.

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