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Was the “Russian Reset” All about Earning Big Bucks for the Clinton Foundation?

The lines between the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton-run state department are getting blurrier every day.  Emails obtained by theWashington Examiner reveal that the Clinton Foundation was pushing for a relationship with Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg at the same time Vekselberg was running a key part of the “Russian reset” which was the responsibility of Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Last month we detailed a report by Peter Schweizer released in a report called “From Russia With Money,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton oversaw “a major technology transfer initiative” that “may have substantially undermined U.S. national security.” Coincidentally (if you believe in coincidences) the Clinton Family enriched themselves out of the deal. This was all part of the failed Clinton effort to improve relations with Russia that began with presenting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a button she thought said “reset” in Russian, but it actually said “overcharged.”

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Mr. Schweitzer revealed that a key program of the “reset” was to help Russia develop its own version of Silicon Valley. Called “Skolkovo” and located near Moscow, it housed technology for developing biomed, space, nuclear and IT technologies.

On first glance the project itself seemed benign and possibly a good deal for both sides, the Russians get access to American cash and some of the country’s best technology, the U.S.-based companies, gets access to the Russian market, receive special tax status and “special access to research in Russia. For example, one investment firm received “priority access to the database of the Skolkovo Foundation projects and companies, enabling it to select the most promising projects early in their development.”  On the other hand, there are warnings from the FBI that and within Ms. Clinton’s own state department at the time that Skolkovo may have created a for Russia a legal way to gain access to America’s classified technology, the kind of access they used to use espionage to access.

At the time we learned that Skolkovo Foundation chief and billionaire Putin confidant Viktor Vekselberg was a donor. Vekselberg’s Renova Group has donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, donor records show. Another firm associated with Vekselberg, OC Oerlikon, donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Now emails obtained by the Washington Examiner reveal that Clinton Foundation staff pushed Hillary’s State Department to approve a meeting between Bubba Clinton and Vekselberg at the same time the State Dept. was lining up investors for Vekselberg’s Skolkovo project.

The Clintons’ relationship with Viktor Vekselberg, the billionaire whose name appears in the documents, has taken on new significance amid an expanding criminal investigation into his company. Last week, authorities raided the offices of Vekselberg’s firm, Renova Group, following allegations of bribery from several of Renova’s subsidiaries.

The emails reveal another case of “blurred lines” between Hillary’s State Department and the Bubba Clinton run foundation…


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