Russian Police Blow Up Weapons Cache in This Illegal Mosque [VIDEO]

Russia Today News (RT) released video of its government blowing up a weapons cache stored at an illegal Islamic mosque/prayer hall in an area near the city of Samara, Russia. The house was used as a place where ISIS supporters met. According to officials they were mostly Salafi Islamists, who follow an ultra-conservative movement within Sunni Islam.
Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) told RT that more than one kilogram of explosives of unknown origin were uncovered. Removing them would have been too dangerous, a bomb-disposal expert remarked. Instead, bomb technicians rolled in a water cannon to lessen the impact of explosion.

The FSB’s special forces detained 53 young men, one of whom they positively identified was promoting ISIS online.

The only question, is when will Europe and America do this? Worship houses are known to hold stockpiles of illegal weapons. They are “worship” centers in name only, however. And they pose an imminent threat to the people living and working near them.


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