North Korea

Russian Official Claims Insider Knowledge of Next North Korea Launch

Experts around the globe are hoping to stay one step ahead of deranged dictator Kim Jong Un.

The minuscule miscreant currently sitting at the adult table in North Korea has been nothing but a royal pain in the neck for America, her allies, and the globe at large.  Kim, who inherited his tyranny from his father, has not only taken to impressively aggressive threats to “annihilate” the United States, but also “sink” Japan and destroy Guam.  Worse yet, his recent military advancements seem to indicate that he is likely able to do so.

For years, Kim Jong Un wasn’t given much attention by the international community.  The dainty despot would follow a pattern similar to previous regimes, in that he would posture and threaten the world, launch a few rockets, (sometimes even successfully), and then fight it out with the UN over sanctions.

Now, however, no one is quietly rolling their eyes and assuming this is a rerun of previous episodes.  Instead, after Kim launched a pair of ICBM’s into the stratosphere, the entire globe is keeping a keen eye on him.

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Russia, given her proximity to the wildcard “supreme” leader, has had a fantastic vantage point to experience the madness from.  This has led to a bombshell revelation this week, disclosed by a Russian lawmaker.

“North Korea is set to test-fire a new ‘high range’ missile capable of hitting the US mainland, a Russian lawmaker claims.

“Anton Morozov revealed Pyongyang’s plans as he returned from a five-day visit to the hermit state – where the mood is ‘rather belligerent’ – with a Russian delegation.

“He claims North Korean officials gave the Russians mathematical calculations showing that the intercontinental ballistic missile could reach targets on the US west coast.

“It comes just days after a CIA official revealed that Kim Jong-un’s regime could launch a new missile or carry out another nuclear test next week.

“Morozov told the Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti: ‘They are preparing for a new test of a longer-range missile.’

“‘They even gave us mathematical calculations that they believe prove that their missile can hit the western coast of the United States.'”

When this information is combined with earlier reports that North Korea could possibly be looking to stir the Pacific plot on Columbus Day, there will likely be a great many Californians looking skyward on Monday.

In the midst of this international espionage, U.S. President Donald Trump has been using stern and blunt language to address North Korea and Kim Jong Un specifically, admitting that “only one thing” could work to curb the reckless regime, with a hefty insinuation that this “one thing” wasn’t pretty.

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