Russian Nuke Scientists Unleash State Super Computer in Bitcoin Scam

When it comes to the idea of “secret weapons”, we often find ourselves examining the Russian government through the lens of the Cold War and the mutually assured destruction that it promised to deliver to the world.

After all, those Russian nuclear ambitions created an entirely new and unheard of dynamic in global politics, with doomsday now pointed directly at the United States, and with the U.S. pointing their own apocalypse right back at the Ruskies.

Today however, Russia’s nuclear program has been caught working on yet another scheme to bolster the often-nefarious Putin regime, this time by employing the vast resources of their nuclear supercomputers in order to mine for Bitcoin – a cryptocurrency currently experience an unsustainable, yet rapid, growth.

“Russian security officers have arrested several scientists working at a top-secret Russian nuclear warhead facility for allegedly mining crypto-currencies.

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“The suspects had tried to use one of Russia’s most powerful supercomputers to mine Bitcoins, media reports say.

“The Federal Nuclear Centre in Sarov, western Russia, is a restricted area.

“The centre’s press service said: ‘There has been an unsanctioned attempt to use computer facilities for private purposes including so-called mining.’

“The supercomputer was not supposed to be connected to the internet – to prevent intrusion – and once the scientists attempted to do so, the nuclear centre’s security department was alerted. They were handed over to the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Russian news service Mash says.”

While we certainly have to applaud the Russian scientists’ ingenuity here, we must also be thankful that they were even caught in the first place.

Russia, unlike the United States, has always played a bit loose and fast with some of their more intrinsic pieces of state-owned technology, preferring to focus on sharpening the tip of the spear rather than shoring up the handle by which it is maneuvered.

And, given this current age of tension between the Russians and basically everyone else on the planet, Vladimir Putin’s government has their hands full.  This is, of course, on top of the coming Russian elections, which is all but surely going to be won by Putin, given his track record for this sort of thing.


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