Russian Nuclear Bombers Spotted Flying Near Japan


In yet another show of international force, Russia has dispatched nuclear-capable bombers to make runs near Japan, presumably for the world to see.

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Vladimir Putin has been poking and prodding the rest of the world in recent days, after he has been internationally lambasted for his possible role in a Syrian chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians.

Beyond that incident, and his unfathomable alliance with demonstratively evil Syrian Bashar al-Assad, Putin and the Kremlin have been working overtime to annoy the United States and new President Donald Trump with petty potential blow-offs of Rex Tillerson and wildly aggressive threats of war.  Now, Putin has taken yet another step in the direction of provocation, this time in a new theater of possible war:  The Pacific.

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“For the first time in nearly three months, Russia flew nuclear-capable ‘Bear’ bombers near Japan, Wednesday, the latest sign of increasing tensions in the region, two US officials tell Fox News.

“The officials said three Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers took off from a base in eastern Russia flying in the Sea of Japan and remained in international airspace.

“One U.S. official described the Russian bomber flight as ‘clearly meant to send a message.’

“Joining the three Russian long-range bombers was a IL-20 spy plane.

“The Russian bombers took off Wednesday from an air base in Ukrainka in eastern Russia, home to one of Russia’s largest fleet of strategic bombers.

“In late January, a pair of Russian bombers circumnavigated Japan for the first time in a year.”

Preparations seem imminent for Russia to begin World War III by provoking U.S. President Donald Trump into a conflict in Syria, or by aggressively interfering with the United States’ wrangling of North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un, who himself has been quite a handful.

Putin did, however, take one step back today as he reneged on his threat to ignore U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during his current diplomatic mission to Moscow.

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