Russian Link To Syrian Chemical Weapons Found, Moscow Mafia Involved

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There is an extremely tangled web of international tension being unwoven in the Middle East, and the latest revelations are absolutely shocking.

The United States’ first new military maneuver of the Trump presidency occurred weeks ago in Syria, in a surprise airstrike against Shayrat airbase.  The base was chosen true to its link to a despicable chemical weapons attack on civilians that was carried out by monstrous Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  The chemical attack, which was heinous and evil by every stretch of the imagination, compelled U.S. President Donald Trump to act, perhaps at the behest of First Daughter Ivanka.

As the investigation into the attack stormed forth into the quagmire of Syrian reality, a new and shocking possibility was discovered:  Russian forces, who are stationed in Syria to work with Assad in defeating ISIS in the nation, may have been complicit in the chemical attacks or their coverup.

Evidence suggests that the Russians, who are controversially backing the brutal Assad regime, were responsible for the bombing of a hospital shortly after the chemical attack in an effort to coverup evidence of the enhanced and illegal warfare.  When you combine this suggestion with the threats that Vladimir Putin has issued against any further military action by the U.S. in Syria, a compelling yet awful possibility emerges.

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Now, as if those accusations weren’t damning enough for the Kremlin, a new link between Syria’s chemical weapons and the Russian mob has been uncovered.

“An investment group that U.S. authorities say is run by Russian mobsters and linked to the Russian government sent at least $900,000 to a company owned by a businessman tied to Syria’s chemical weapons program, according to financial documents obtained by CNN.

“According to a contract and bank records from late 2007 and early 2008, a company tied to a state-backed Russian mafia group, according to U.S. officials, agreed to pay more than $3 million to a company called Balec Trading Ventures, Ltd — supposedly for high-end ‘furniture.’
“Wire transaction records seen by CNN confirm that at least $900,000 was transferred.
“Both businesses are registered in the British Virgin Islands.
“The company allegedly tied to Russian mafia was called Quartell Trading Ltd., and the U.S. Department of Justice claims it is one of the many vehicles into which millions of dollars of stolen Russian taxpayer money was laundered a decade ago in connection with the so-called ‘Magnitsky affair,’ perhaps the most notorious corruption case in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.
“Balec Ventures is owned by Issa al-Zeydi, a Russian whom the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned in 2014 for his connection to the Scientific Studies and Research Center, the hub of Syria’s nonconventional weapons program, including its manufacture of Sarin and VX nerve agents and mustard gas.”
The United States has long been weary of the Russian government and its motivations in the Middle East.  Now, with this latest piece of evidence pointing to a corruption of unfathomable disgust, our nation’s relationship with Putin and his Kremlin cronies will certainly suffer.

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