Russian Hackers Influenced the Election… How? [VIDEO]

The media are as eager to blame Russian hackers for Donald Trump’s victory but they have no evidence.

What exactly did Russian hackers do, according to the media?

The answer seems as nebulous as a morning fog, but Donald Trump is being criticized for refusing to endorse this attack on his legitimacy.

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Politico introduces their story this way:

Donald Trump’s insult-laced dismissal of reports that the CIA believes Russia hacked the 2016 election to help him is rattling a spy community already puzzled over how to gain the ear and trust of the incoming president.

Some fear that Trump’s highly public rebukes of the U.S. intelligence apparatus will undermine morale in the spy agencies, politicize their work, and damage their standing in a world filled with adversaries.

I have a suggestion for federal employees in the “spy community” who are so “puzzled.” Don’t give interviews attacking your boss.

In interviews with several former intelligence officials and others connected to that community in recent days, POLITICO found a deep wariness of what a Trump presidency will mean.

The vast majority of people who work for intelligence agencies are career professionals deeply averse to the politicization of intelligence; there’s also a deep and long-running suspicion of Russia in the intelligence community that Trump is unlikely to root out.

Amy Jeffress, a former Department of Justice official, told POLITICO that she’s been in touch with intelligence community officials to discuss the challenge ahead.

“They don’t like the president-elect’s criticism and are even more concerned that he is skipping his intelligence briefings,” Jeffress said. “The new administration will need to reassure the career professionals, who of course include Democrats and Republicans, that they will not misuse or politicize their work.”

So basically, we are informed that unelected federal workers are opposed to our President-Elect, but that is his fault. Further, Trump was elected on the promise that he wouldn’t start World War III with Russia, but our “intelligence community” doesn’t like his direction and plans to resist his agenda. Then they wonder why he skips their briefings.

It gets even more bizarre.

His choice of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a man who promotes conspiracy theories on Twitter, as his national security adviser has unnerved observers.

So, “a man who promotes conspiracy theories” is called out in an article claiming an elaborate Russian conspiracy interfering in our election.

The real “conspiracy” (only it is being carried out in plain sight) is between the media and unnamed “informants” to delegitimize Donald Trump.

But how was this Russian conspiracy allegedly carried out?

Watch the CBS video below and note how the message shifts when the expert is directly asked (1:58) if Donald Trump would have won without alleged yet mysterious “Russian intervention.”

The answer is buried in verbiage, but it is obvious if you listen for it: Donald Trump’s win came from American voters, not from Russia. In state after state, a majority voted for Trump! The entire uproar over Russian hackers is a big excuse that people are making for Hillary losing.

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