Russian Government Fights Corruption of Their Children Through Video Games

For years, there have been groups that have accused the video game for the rise in violence among teens and young adults. They claim that the things that they see and experience in the play of these games has caused children to be more violent.

But, what about moral and political ideals? Can these ideas be conveyed through such game play?

According to the Russians, this is not only possible, but it is also something that they have discovered in a recent download for a game.

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Heat Street reports,

Russia’s state censorship agency may ban Fifa 17 after it was branded “gay propaganda” by a group of MPs.

The soccer simulator was accused of breaching the country’s anti-LGBT laws by featuring rainbow-colored shirts for players in the game.

Politicians in the country said the game should have its code forcibly changed – or be removed from stores – to excise support for the campaign.

So is there a danger inherent in this game having rainbow jerseys? Well, in and of themselves these jerseys are not that big of a deal. The issue that the Russians have is with what they stand for. They stand for an LGBT cause. And it is one that the Russians litigated out of their country several years ago.

Heat Street continues,

The content was a limited-edition product and is no longer available to download.

The gesture clearly angered members of the Russian political establishment, who wrote to a committee overseeing the state censorship agency, claiming it should take action against the game for breaching a 2013 law criminalizing the promotion of homosexuality.

The Russians understand that this kind of thing can and does corrupt children.

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