Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts American Bomber Amid Rising Tensions

While international terror is on the minds of many around the globe, it seems that the Russians and the U.S. are still very much at odds, militarily.

From the moment that Donald Trump took office in the U.S., the Russians have been a prominent part of the national dialogue, thanks in no small part to the incessant drivel of the American political left as they continue to attempt to manifest some form of inappropriate relationship between the newly elected President and Vladimir Putin.

In reality, however, the two superpowers are decidedly not on wonderful terms.  Tensions between the two nations is currently at Cold War levels, if not worse, and many political analysts fear that the situation could devolve into armed conflict in the near future.  Now, as reports trickle in regarding a dicey encounter over the Baltic Sea this week, it seems that these fears are becoming more well-founded by the day.

“A Russian Su-27 fighter jet was deployed to intercept a US B-52 strategic bomber over the Baltic Sea as the American warplane was flying along the Russian border, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

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“Russia’s air defense detected the aircraft on Tuesday morning at around 7:00 GMT, the statement said. The Su-27 of the Russian Baltic Fleet was deployed in response and shadowed the American aircraft after identifying it, as the bomber was flying in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea along the border, the ministry said.

“After the American warplane left the airspace near Russia, the Russian fighter jet returned to its base of deployment, the statement said.”

Russia has threatened the U.S. in recent months over Trump’s bombing of Sharyat airfield in Syria, the origin of a dastardly chemical weapon attack on Syrian civilians.  The Kremlin insists that Syria is a sovereign nation, and the U.S. airstrike was an aggressive act of war against Bashar al-Assad and his brutal regime, while the Pentagon has dabbled publicly in the possibility that Russia was not only complicit in the illegal and immoral attacks, but perhaps actively sought to cover up the use of chemical weapons by bombing and destroying the hospital at which victims sought treatment.

Now, as U.S. training exercises are being interrupted by Russian jet fighters, similar to those that have been harassing American warships for years in the region, there is no doubt that the tension between the White House and the Kremlin is at an all-time high, at least in our lifetimes.  As U.S. President Donald Trump faces continued unfounded accusations by the democrats over his purported, though debunked, connections to the Russian government, the liberal media will surely ignore this act of aggression against the B-52 bomber, as it won’t play nicely with the rest of their narrative.


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