Russian Dossier Provider Admits to Immoral Shopping of Information

In one of the more pathetic attempts of the radical left to defame President Trump, a supposed Russian dossier was unveiled by the liberal media months ago.

This dossier was said to provide proof of the Russian government’s ability to control Donald Trump through the threat of blackmail.  The document, whose contents were made public by Buzzfeed and CNN both, claimed that Donald Trump was fond of visiting Muscovite prostitutes and engaging in unsanitary acts with these working girls.  The acts, which are too salacious to explain here, would be so devastating to Trump’s character that Putin himself could hold them over the President’s head in order to receive political favors in Washington D.C.

Of course, there was only one enormous, glaring problem with the information within the dossier:  None of it was true and its sources were unverifiable.

That didn’t stop the company behind the dossier from shopping it around, however, hoping to procure a pretty penny for the complete malarky contained within.

“The co-founder of the firm behind the anti-Trump ‘dossier’ told House investigators Tuesday that he personally discussed with members of the media allegations of Trump-Russia collusion, though he did not speak to the sources behind the claims, a source told Fox News.

“According to a source familiar with the matter, Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson refused to answer key questions during his seven-hour, closed-door appearance before the House Intelligence Committee. The source said he would not answer questions on his relationship with specific journalists or ties to the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign, which financed the anti-Trump research via the law firm Perkins Coie.

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“But the source said Simpson acknowledged he did not personally look into certain aspects of the dossier — which was authored by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and contained salacious allegations about the Trump team’s ties to Russia.

“Simpson told investigators he never spoke to the underlying sources of the document, never traveled to Russia and did not verify the dossier beyond comparing the claims to “open source” media reporting.”

This is merely the latest piece of damning information that has nullified the document’s veracity in recent months, but not before the information was made public by an irresponsible cabal within the liberal media who have continually attempted to smear and defame the Commander in Chief since his very election.

The entire Russian conspiracy has been nothing but a muckraking campaign by the radical left and their media cronies.  Their overarching desire to delegitimize the President of the United States has been pathetic to watch, and this latest disclosure by the authors of the phony dossier are just plain sad.

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