Russian Chess Champ Garry Kasparov says Putin wants a Bad Relationship with the USA

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If the brilliant chess champion and Vladimir Putin opponent, Garry Kasparov, is right then the USA-Russian relationship is destined to be one filled with contention and distrust… and that’s exactly how Putin has planned it.

Kasparove appeared on Fox Business Channel with Maria Bartiromo where he first criticized the Trump administration’s refusal to confront Russia’s Putin regime directly. He then explained that peace in the Middle East would never be possible without the United States leading the way and that everything that Putin does is in an effort to reinforce the animosity between Russia and the West. Why? According to Kasparov Putin NEEDS the tension between his nation and the West to maintain his authoritarian grip on the Russian people.

On Trump’s Russia-MidEast policies:

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“Still there is no strategy, one move is not a strategy…

Hopefully Americans will understand, without American presence in [the Middle East], there will be no peace.”

On Putin’s Relationship with the West:

“Relations with Russia are exactly what Putin wants them to be. Confrontation with America is a core of his domestic propaganda. Listen to Russian television. America is the arch-enemy, and Putin needs to show strength all the time, with planes flying around, because the economy is in terrible shape, the oil price is going down, he doesn’t expect any improvement, so he will keep creating problems to demonstrate to the Russian elite and the Russian public that he can defy the United States…

That is his only currency. And so far it is the best currency, because under Obama, America played ball. As long as Putin stays there, it will be the same…

He needs an enemy, he is a dictator, he needs an enemy to explain why the situation in the country is so poor, and also to explain why he is staying in power for the rest of his life.”

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