Russia Weighs in On US – North Korea Conflict with Dire Warning

The tensions between President Donald Trump and “Supreme” Leader Kim Jong Un are at an all-time high.

The North Korean madman has been nonchalantly firing missiles in a variety of directions, not the least of which is over the U.S. ally of Japan as seen in the nation’s latest rocket test this week.

While Kim has received a number of fierce warnings from U.S. President Trump and American military leaders, the dainty dictator has refused to yield, instead provoking the international community with a litany of ICBM tests, nuclear threats, and propaganda.

Now, as the American President must once again face off with the DPRK’s diminutive dimwit, an all-too familiar face has interjected himself into the fray with a worrisome warning.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned the United States on Friday not to apply too much pressure on North Korea regarding its nuclear weapon program, saying the strained relationship between the two countries was ‘on the verge of a large-scale conflict.’

“Putin posted the warning on the Kremlin website before he left for the BRICS nations summit in China, Reuters reported. Putin called on the two nations to open up dialogue with one another.

“‘It is essential to resolve the region’s problems through direct dialogue involving all sides without advancing any preconditions [for such talks],’ Putin wrote. ‘Provocations, pressure and bellicose and offensive rhetoric is the road to nowhere.’

“Putin wrote that relations between the two countries had worsened to the point that it had ‘balanced on the verge of a large-scale conflict.’

“‘In Russia’s opinion the calculation that it is possible to halt North Korea’s nuclear missile programs exclusively by putting pressure on Pyongyang is erroneous and futile,’ Putin wrote.”

Russia’s strange prevalence for overseeing U.S. military maneuvers has been a strange new development in the age of Trump.

Early in his presidency, Donald Trump was forced to act against the monstrous Ashar al-Bassad regime in Syria after a dastardly chemical weapons attack was carried out against his own people.  The U.S. airstrike that ensued drew criticism from the likely complicit Russians, who warned that any further U.S. military action in the region would be met with force.


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