Russia Training Stealth Female Agents to Assault Britons

Tensions are running high in America these days, with many sensing a global pressure valve that may be about to burst.

For a while, it was a stagnant pall of low pressure that seemed to hang on the air like an extra blanket on your legs.  The world was moving in a bit of slow motion, as we all began adjusting to the Trump Era’s green light.  Americans were hopeful that we would be returning to law and order, and a sense of priority and purpose on the homefront.  The world at large was anxious, and rightfully so, that Trump would pull the rug out from under the cushy, fraternal nonsense they had enjoyed under the previous, capitulatory administration.

In some cases that has been true, but, in others, there is still a way to go.

Then that stagnant air moved away, quickening by the minute in to steady, hard, cold breeze.  An arctic breeze, blowing in over the Bering Strait from the gargantuan Russian landmass just past the Palin’s house.  Suddenly, the coming war was cold, with some fairly obvious “double u, double u, i, i” implications on the face of it.  The Russians were suddenly up to their old tricks, buzzing American airplanes overseas, attempting to hack our culture, and testing the most intensely terrifying weapon ever created.

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Now, as Vladimir Putin prepares to flex his way into an unprecedented 4th term in order to oversee The World Cup later this year, it looks as though the Kremlin has a new secret weapon:  Chicks fighting in the snow.

VICIOUS Russian “hooli-girl” thugs are warming up for the World Cup with sickening, staged mass brawls – and have set their sights on England fans.

Shocking pictures and video obtained by The Sun Online show two teams of female “Ultras” launching into a bloody fist fight in a snowy forest last month.

And Russian online viewers of the battle said it would be “fun” to see the women unleashed on English supporters arriving for the World Cup in June.

Two groups of seven yobettes line up at the remote spot before charging at each other with fists and feet flailing in the 1min 43second clip.

Within seconds, a girl in black sprints into the melee and poleaxes a rival as the gangs kick and punch each other to the ground.

Several girls are seen being kicked while they are down and are left writhing in agony or staggering with bloodied faces, while onlookers film on mobile phones.

And why the Brits?

Vladimir Putin has ordered a crackdown to stop an embarrassing repeat of the violence on home soil but anti-British tension is soaring amid the Skripal spy poisoning backlash.

Of course, you have to see the video to believe it.

What worries me most is that the soy boy culture here in the U.S. of A. has likely rendered our millennial males defenseless against even this caliber of untrained, brawling babe.

Should our nation ever be forced to face Russia in a head to head conflict, technology may be all that saves us from complete and utter annihilation under the sheer military population of the frigid superpower.

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