Russia Takes Yet Another Step to Insult U.S., Cancels Meeting Amid Tensions

As the weeks press on, it has become apparent that Russia is no longer looking to play nice with the United States after repeated, leftist insults.

From the moment that Donald Trump began gaining on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, the democratic party instigated a bizarre and uncouth narrative in which the business-turned-republican candidate was somehow colluding with the Russian government to steal the contest from their presumptive winner.  Of course, there was no evidence of such correspondence or conspiracy, but the democrats often work in the realm of quantity and not quality of political accusations.

This cockamamy theory began to fall apart at some point during the contest, and former President Barack Obama was called in to lend credence to the silly allegations.  Hoping to prop up his democratic successor, Obama then dismiss several Russian diplomatic personnel from Washington D.C., further antagonizing the Russians over an unverifiable boogeyman story.

Russia, led by machismo incarnate in the form of Vladimir Putin, was furious.  This insult, conceived as a paltry scapegoat for the corrupt and doomed Hillary Clinton campaign was an egregious move on the part of the American government that could not be left to stand.  Of course, now that Donald Trump has inherited this touchy situation from Obama and Clinton’s war room, the mainstream media has been working overtime to convince America that Russia is the proverbial bad guy, in need of defeat.

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Again, this is Vladimir Putin that we’re talking about, and his reaction to the entire debacle has been decidedly staunch.

“Russia has canceled a meeting between senior US and Russian officials that was aimed at resolving problems in the relationship between the two countries.

“The announcement comes after the US announced an expansion of sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities in response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.
“The previously planned meeting between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Raybkov and US Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon was due to take place in St Petersburg.
 “‘As we know, in the next few days there were plans to continue the bilateral consultations on the “irritants” that we have accumulated in our Russian-American relations, plans to find ways out of the extremely difficult situation in which the American side wore the partnership and cooperation with Russia down,’ a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
“‘After yesterday’s decision on sanctions, the situation does not allow for a round of such a dialogue, especially as there is no content for it, since Washington didn’t offer nor is offering now anything specific,’ the ministry said.”
The ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Russia under the Trump administration are being physically demonstrated in the skies over the Middle East this week, as Russian fighter jets have been harassing American planes – sometimes streaking within 5 feet of U.S. military aircraft.
Persistent democratic allegations got us into this mess with the unhinged Kremlin.  Let’s hope that President Trump can get us out of it before we need to explain to our children what “mutually assured destruction” means.

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