Russia (Sort Of) Weighs in on Euro Nuke Cloud They (Probably) Caused

With all this talk about the nuclear ambitions of North Korea, Europeans have been wondering when we would get around to asking Russia about their mysterious radioactive pollution.

Russia has inserted themselves into a number of international diplomatic situations over the course of the last few years, presumably with the intent to make President Vladimir Putin appear omnipresent.  This has caused rifts to appear in the relationship between the United States and Russia on several occasions, including after incidents of conflict in Syria and North Korea – nations that the Kremlin is inexplicably defending despite their heinous actions.

Now, however, European nations are having their own troubles with the shady Russian government, as a massive cloud of radioactive isotopes hangs over several member nations of the E.U.  This cloud, which scientists have long believed belonged to Russia in origin, has finally elicited a response from Moscow, but that response has done little to quell fears over the incident.

“Russia’s meteorological service confirmed on Monday ‘extremely high’ concentrations of the radioactive isotope ruthenium-106 in several parts of the country in late September, confirming European reports about the contamination this month.

“‘Probes of radioactive aerosols from monitoring stations Argayash and Novogorny were found to contain radioisotope Ru-106’ between September 25 and October 1, the Rosgidromet service said.

“The highest concentration was registered at the station in Argayash, a village in the Chelyabinsk region in the southern Urals, which had ‘extremely high pollution’ of Ru-106, exceeding natural background pollution by 986 times, the service said.

“Russia’s nuclear corporation Rosatom said at the time that ‘radiation around all objects of Russian nuclear infrastructure are within the norm and are at the level of background radiation’.”

Unfortunately, the source of this isotope must be man-made, as ruthenium-106 does not occur naturally in planet earth.

Russia, whose shady foreign ethics have given the nation a reputation to ponder, has yet to pinpoint what they believe the source of the pollution could be, possibly due to a clandestine nuclear experiment or discharge that the major global superpower doesn’t wish to have exposed.

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