Russia says the USA Created “De-confliction” Zone in Syria is “Illegitimate”

Earlier this week the United States military attacked Syrian government forces for the second time in the last few months.

In response, the Russian government has called the American policy in Syria “illegitimate,” in part because it argues that the USA is exerting control over sovereign Syrian territory. In a recent episode of Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, the former Congressman discusses the American policies in Syria and whether or not the Russians are actually right about the “de-confliction” zone.

From the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity:

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Yesterday marked the second time US military forces have attacked Syrian government-allied forces fighting ISIS inside Syria near the Iraqi border. The US government, which maintains a base on Syrian soil, claims any Syrian encroachment within 50km of the facility will be met with US military force. The mostly Shia militia that the US attacked are the same groups fighting alongside the US in Iraq and in fact may Iraqi citizens allied with the Iraqi government (which the US is also allied with). Confusing yet? Add to this that the US Senate is passing new sanctions against Iran today for its completely legal ballistic missile program and to punish Iran for shipping weapons to militias in Syria fighting ISIS.

We try to put it all together in today’s Liberty Report:

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