Russia Responds To Fresh U.S. Sanctions With Diplomatic Dynamite

The latest row between Washington and Moscow seems to be getting uglier by the moment, and, given the current political climate, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

While much of the nation has been transfixed by the republican coup on healthcare, led ironically by recent surgery recipient John McCain, another piece of Washington legislation has emerged as the bigger story this week.

The continued tensions between the U.S. and Russia all began during former U.S. President Barack Obama’s lame-duck second term as he was desperately attempting to defend doomed democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after her loss to Donald Trump.  Clinton had earlier in the campaign made ludicrous claims that Donald Trump was some form of Russian agent, receiving help from Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin in order to win the election.  Clinton had never been one to allow the blame to be placed upon her, so this fantastical conspiracy theory came as little surprise.

In a pathetic attempt to validate this insanity, Barack Obama took up for democratic colleague Clinton by implementing fresh sanctions against Russia, and insulting the Kremlin by removing several Russian ambassadors to the U.S.  Again, this was all in response to Hillary Clinton’s unsolicited and unethical claims of Russian interference during her horrific showing in the general election.

Now, as Donald Trump has taken the Oval Office, many believed that American relations with Russia would cool down, given the vehement opposition that the democratic party had to showing civility to Putin and his administration.  Unfortunately, a “resistance” in the republican-controlled congress has caused these sanctions to increase this week, irking the Kremlin to action.

“Russia has ordered America to cut the number of diplomatic staff it has in the country and has seized a dacha compound and warehouse used by US officials in retaliation for new sanctions against Moscow.

“Embassy staff must leave the country by 1 September, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement, in a move triggered by the US Senate’s near unanimous vote to slap new sanctions on Russia, further hurting its fragile economy.

“The move puts Donald Trump in a tough position by forcing him to take a hard line on Moscow or block the legislation and anger his own Republican Party.

 “Russia’s Foreign Ministry also accused Washington of ‘extreme aggression in international affairs’.

“The US embassy’s recreational retreat on the outskirts of Moscow will be closed as well as warehouse facilities.”

These moves by the Russian government closely resemble those of former President Barack Obama during his late-term witch hunt.

Further complicating the relationship between these two superpowers are international disputes over how best to handle Syria and North Korea.  Trump’s strike on an airbase in Syria that initiated the unethical chemical weapons attack of April 2017 infuriated Russian military members, whom the Pentagon believes may have been complicit in the attack.  President Trump was swiftly warned by the Russians that any further military action in Syria would be met by force.

Similarly, as the U.S. prepares to defend itself against a burgeoning threat in North Korea, Russia has again fired figurative warning shots over the head of the Trump administration, threatening retaliation for any American military action in the region.


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