Russia Puts On Show of Military Might With Arctic-Centric Message

International tensions are continuing to flare this week, as a Russian military parade seemingly contains a pointed message for the United States, Norway, and Canada.

The parade, which took place in the Red Square of Moscow, was part of an event celebrating the defeat of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and the end of World War II.  Included in the parade, however, was a massive collection of equipment specifically for use in the arctic, leading many to believe that Russia is posturing for a larger presence in the currently un affiliated, yet extremely resource-rich region.

“Russia rolled out air defence systems built to operate in sub-zero Arctic conditions on Tuesday as it showcased its military might at a parade on Moscow’s Red Square.

“The parade, an annual event commemorating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two, took place under grey skies as President Vladimir Putin looked on from a platform alongside Soviet war veterans.

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“The Kremlin has been flexing its military muscle in the hydrocarbon-rich Arctic region, as it vies for dominance with rivals Canada, the United States and Norway.

“‘Lessons of the past war remind us to be vigilant, and the Armed Forces of Russia are capable of repelling any potential aggression,’ Putin told the parade.

“‘But for an effective battle with terrorism, extremism, neo-Nazism and other threats the whole international community needs to be consolidated. … We are open for such cooperation.'”

The election of Donald Trump as the U.S. President in 2016 seemingly kicked the Russians into high gear in terms of their desire to impose their will onto the world.  With the United States no longer under the thumb of a weak and capitulatory leader such as Barack Obama, nations with tumultuous relationships to the U.S. were quick to begin aggressively campaigning for a larder role in the global political game, often with military feats or equipment at the forefront of these efforts.

Given that the arctic, and the Antarctic regions for that matter, contain highly viable and plentiful beds of natural resources, the global community has been forced to engage in an uneasy moratorium of extraction in these areas, lest the world go to war for the land.  Russia’s nod to their arctic capabilities is certainly a well-timed and strategic move for Vladimir Putin, who has been keeping busy skirting international decorum in his efforts to destroy ISIS and bring Russia back to superpower status.

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